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February 11, 1960     Monroe Historical Society
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February 11, 1960

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PAGE EICAqT hi Parents Will Meet To Monroe Monitor. Monroe, Wash.. Feb. I. I9(M) Monroe Herds Commercial Steelhead Fis Arlington Eagles School Lunch Menus NamedlnJan. Sa]e0pposedByStateSportsmen' Oi0000U.H.S. SenmrTnpPlans ..r ingR meo00in00 *or 00oo_, , Fall To Cats For Coming Week Test eport Commercial steelheading and the sale and intra-state shipment of roe high school seniors is slated | steelhead are not to the liking of the Steelhead Committee of the for next Monday, February 15, at | 7:30 P.m. in the school home econ. , t.  -, In Second Go . February Washington State Sportsmen s Council and, an appropriate resolution omics department. " t 19. ; There were 4315 cow.s in 94 herds will be considered along those lines when the council gathers for its Pttrpose of the meeting is to dis- I For the first time since the Monday: Half pint milk, whipped tested by the standard method in potatoes and gravy, pork patties, the Snohomish County Cow Testing quarterly meeting in mid-March. " cuss Plans for a trip for thegradu. |  Cascade 'A League was form-pickled red beets, bread and but-Association for the month of J anu- roeThe gathering,Rod & Gun according to Men-club president J. .. ating class. I  ed, Coach Bob Warner's Monroe Or, and pineapple cream puading, ary, according to the monthly re- D. Warren, will consider a resolu- HawQII VoIcGno [G  Bearcats, led by Rich Cabe with Tuesday: Half pint milk, turkey port just rleased by John Lov- 18 points, defeated the Arlington and gravy on hot biscuits, buttered green, secretary of that testing tion calling for: " , ..... ru Mrs. | !  - Eagles twice in a r" Mnre whlekeruelcorn'bmadandlut" grup'Inadditin'themwer1666 --ThecounclltPposecmmer" PlcturesAreSentapple |  s' gained her second consecutive win ter and dessert, cows in 71 herds tested by the cial fishing for steelhead trout, Ram,,bw Rw r)mnmht-r From Demmg Died I by a 47-36 score last Friday at Wednesday: Half pint milk, chili ownersample plan of testing. The particularly from all waters other -- --it- --! --'--- ..... Arlington. , and crackers, vegetable sticks, hot cows tested by She standard plan than ..the main stream of the Co- Mr. ,and Mrs. Ralph Ramaley, Mr. and Yfrs. Alvin Boggs and | "* son, Ken, Olson, Rt. 2, have re-l form The Bearcats led most of the rolls, butter, boney, grapefruit see- averaged 799 pounds of milk and lumbm River below Bonneville Rt. 1, have received a letter fr(nn turned from Deming here they | first half as they held a 10-7 mar- tions and cookies. 33.9 pounds of butterfat for the Dam; their daughter, Mrs. Richard Kam were called by the death of Mrs. I M011r0e Floral gin at the first quarter and as Thm-sday: Half pint mk, hash month. ' i --The council sponsor and sup- of WaMawa, Hawaii, telling of her Boggs brother, Raymond Vander l much as 16-8 during the secop.d brown potatoes, meat gravy, but- In the small herd group, 25 cows port legislation pmhihibiting the air#ane rip over the exaptig Yacht, ho passed away Febru-I period only to trail 18-17 at the in- tered green beans, bread and but- or less, Sather Bros., Silvana, was sale or transport of game fish or volcano on the island, H.awofi. ' ary 2. [ termission, ter and ,apple sauce cake. high with an .average of 43.8 animals. : She included newspaper pictures CORSAGES The score was tied at the end of the flfird stanza at 32-32 as the Friday: .Half pint milk, salmon pounds of fat for 25 cows. Nels Here is the complete text of the of the volcano and surroundings, s Walen, Silvana, 15 cows, averaged proposal: ' : and a map indicating the la , TAXI CAB  1 CUT FLOWERS loaf, buttered peas, bread and ,but- 42.4 pounds, and W. D. Larson, .WHEREAS, on a number of spread over sm'rounding villages A 'taxicab army" helped change l POTTED PLANTS Bearcats hit /or fifteen tallies ter and fruit. while the Eagles got fourteen. East Sanwood 21 Cows averaged Western Washington streams cer- and farm lands. 2e piums and .the course of World War 1, accord- l Using their full court press, the --  -3-  --'9 36.1 pounds. : I , rain Indian grou regularly .net map am on display at the Monitor g to World Book Encyclopedia. I " ,locals obtained another fifteen in Johnsoql 0 0 2 0 In the 26 to 40 cow sized herd steelhead trout and sell them com. office, in 1914, when Paris was ill danger I TULIPS ---VLEA the final eight minutes while hold- Lind 0 0 0 0 group Idale Jersey Farm, East mercially (through channels which Mrs. Kam writes concernirg her of being captured by Germans, the I  to " : W L 0 0 1 0 Stanwcod, with 33 COWS ,averaged transport them across the sta trip: 7 military governor of he city corn- J HYACINTH Cahe hit for twelve of his eigh- DeWgt 0 0 2 0 51.1 pounds of fat, and Willis Gnus- and ............ to out-of-state markets) with- "Last Fri,,,.,,:a" -s,,'"'* ,, .... *'--^'uu,L" mandeered 700 taxicabs. He filled | teen points in the second half and . . o ............... s ............ - nine of the twelve in the third ' : "18- '1 12 "7 berg, East tanwcod, 31 cows av- ot mgara o me rights ot omers on an ,Y,n,m Oiah* , , ,,1 them with 3,000 troops and sent [ r DELIVER eraged 47.6 pounds. E. G. Moehon, of the pubhc who have an mtre ........ , ......  to the banks of the Marne | 233 S. Blakely PY 4-5521 ........... ano. We flew , ,,,.=,,cz vu ver, where the French stopped 4 frame as he sank the ball from Arlington (36) FG FT PF TP 0arnation, 39 cows, .averaged 46.2 m mese xmn, na otmnm a ae- around the sight for a half hour the foul line off of Arlington's zone Ludwick 1 2 1 4 pounds of fat. i ' gree 6o endanger the survival of Wh,a a .thrill to see the 'Begin- the Germans. , defense, non 'flamavpson was sec- Larson end high for the evening with 14 Datmbio tallies. : Ness MONROE (47) FG FT PF TP Gibson Brermners 3 0 0 6 Sass Muan 0 0 0 0 Hall Cbe 8 2 1 18 Thompson 4 6 2  14 4 4 5 12 I I 5 3 5 1 1 II 0 0 2 0 ..2 0 1 4 1 0 I 2 ,In the 41 to 60 cow sized herd group John Lovgreen, ast Start- wood, 44 cows averaged 42.3 pounds of fat to lead the group. Cliff Hen- ning, East Stanwood, 51 cows, av- eraged 41.0 pounds of fat, and F_A- lingson Bros., East Stanwood 42 cows averaged 39.5 pounds of fat. Everett Olover, Lake Stevens and Wilbur Eppinga, Monroe, dso had herds in the group. In the large herd group, 6 cows or over, Don Thomas, Snohomish, 167 cows averaged 45.3 pounds of fat. S. Sinnema East Stanwood, 80 cows, averaged 44.3 pounds of fat, and Ray Hagen, Snohomish, 80 cows averaged 43.5 pounds of faL Harold Fjarlie, East Stanwood, and W. R. Williams, East Stanwood, A GOOD'PLACE 14 8 16 36 had herds in this group, rearing of migrant steelhead trott Individual animal production is done by the Washington Depart- based on the amount of butterfat merit of Game operating largely produced in a lactation, and group- with funds from sportsmen's li- TO START A SAVINGS ACCOUNT t Current Rate *. of Earnings Accounts Insured to $10,000 EVERETT FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone CEdar 4101 EVERETT ODD ON 1502 Walt Street ed according to age of animal, shows that Ernest Kralman, Fall City, had high 2 year old 'ith a production of 550.1 pounds of fat. Claude Gadberry, Arlington, had a 2 year old that gave 515.7 pounds of fat, and Don Thomas had one that gave 509.0 pounds of fat dur- ing the first lactation. ' In the three year old age group, LeRoy Hoffman, Marysville, had high cow with a production of 612.0 pounds of fat. Leonard Ottem, Ar- lington, had one in this age group t:hat gave 602.0 pounds of fat and Nels alen had one that gave 563.1. In the four year.old group, Van Ess Bros., Monroe, had one that gave 548.0 pounds. 'Guernseygold Farm, Arlington, had one that gave 526.2 pounds of fat.. In the five year old group, W. R. Williams, had a cow that ave 628.8 pounds of fat. Lorenz Lor- enzen, Ar!ington, had one in this group that gave 608.0 pounds of fat, and Frank Albert, lr., East Stanwood, had one that gave 596.0 pounds. ',   In the fix years and  older group, I-larold Fjarlie, East Stanwood, had high cow, with a production of 779.5 pounds of fat in the lactation. S. Sinnema ,also of East Stamvood, had one that gave 631.6 pounds of fat, and Robert Bosse, Snohomish, had one that gave 614.0 pounds. In the production for the month, Sather Bros. t/ad a five year old cow that gave 2030 pounds of milk and 103.5 pounds of fat, while Don Thomas had a six year old that gave 2734 pounds of 'llilk and 101.2 ,pounds of. fat in the month. LOTS VALUES TO *6" the rtms; and, WHEREAS, steelhead trout are classified as a garne fish in the state of WaAngton and taking of them for cormnercial purposes is prohibited except on main streams of the Columbia River below Bon- neville Dam which is regulated through a compact by the Oregon Fish Conmfission and Washington Departmellt of Fisheries; :and, WHEREAS, on most streams in Washington the planting of hatch- ery-reamd migrant size steelhead trout is essontia,1 to the survival of the runs, and in many cases re- sponsible for the majority of run size; and, WHEREAS, much of the stream improvement and natural migrant protection and ,all of the hatchery- Boys s24' NOW Women 99* to *1" MEN'S PLASTIC PACS US ROYALAC Reg. ' Now '6" $549 ) ) ) ) '126 E. Main S. CAMPBELL'S FAMILY SHOE STORE PYramid 4-5351 eense fees; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RE- SOLVED by the Washington State Sportsmen's Council assembled in Vancouver, Washington on March 13, 1960, that the Council oppose any and all forms of commercial fishing for steelhead trout from Washington waters, ,and particular- ly from all waters other than the main stream of the Columbia Ri- ver below Bonneville Dam; al- though, certainly it does not oppose he taking of such fish for strictly personal use by anyone within the intent of regulations of the Wash- ington Department of Game appli- cable to the general public; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Council sponsor legislation to the State Legislature prohibit- ing the intra-state shipment of steelhead other than exceptions ap- proved by the Washingtoll State Department of Game; and, BE IT FURTHER LVED that the Council sponsor and sup- port the following Bill in the next session of the Legislature. AN AC'I" Relating te game and game fish; crimes; ,and " aummding Section 77.16.040, Cap- ter 36, Laws of 1955 and RCW 77. 16.040. i , BE IT ENACTED BY TtIE LEG- ISLATURE OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON: Section 1. Section 77.16.040, Ohap- er 36, Laws of 1955 and RCW 77. 16.040 'am each '.amended to read as follows: Except as authorized by permit or license lawfully issued by the director, or by rule or regulation of the commission, t shall be un- lawful for any person to have in his possession for .sale or with ha- teut to sell, or to expose or offer for sale, or to sell, or to barter for, or ,to echange, or to buy or to have in his possession with in- teat to ship or to ship, any game animal, game bird or game fish or any part thereof: It shall fur- ther be ,tmlawful for any comanon or contact carrier knowingly to transport or receive for shipment any such game animal, game bird, or fish or any port theref; PRO- VIDED That nothing contained in this section shall prohibit any per- son from buying, selling, or ship- ping any lawfully tagged or sealed game .animal, game bird, or game ish 'purchased from a licensed game farmer.: Any persgn violating ibis section shaU be guilty of a  misde- meanor and upon conviction there- of shoM be punished by a fine of not less than two hndred fifty dol- lars and not more than one thou- ,sand dollars or by imprisonmen in the cotmty jail for not less than thirty days and .nat more than one year or by both such fine and im- prisonme. We wish to thank our many friends and relatives who made our 50th wedding anniversary open house reception last Sunday such a grand success. We appreciate the many lovely gifts including the money tree. Thank you. Ir. and Mrs. W. W. Cook Pd. Adv. ning' of the universe all over again. The map shows what we saw, and the flight pattern. The picture shows the original fountain devel- oping the cinder cone behind Naka- mura's store. The cone is now over 300 feet high. "When we we, Eae fotmtain them was not spouting, b the Other ones had taken over. We could see the law move rapidly out of the geyser's path and see all the heavy favour of the big chunks of rock. Out toward the sea the lava was not neticeably moving because it had cooled and slowed down. I hear it's about six miles from Kapoho to the light- house, so you can see how big a mass t is. They expect the light- house to go sometime today (Feb. 3). The lava was spewing into the ocean at several places. It really lights up the whole place and is a terrific spectacle te see. "Imagine, I've seen one af the seven wonders of the world. It ,is really hard to describe. We have read so-o much abeat it by the writers for the paper, and they romanticize it so much. Now I can see Why. They try their best to ddseribe something that there just aren't enough words for. It has to be seen to believe it." Custom DRAPERY S E RV 1 C E Curtain & Drapery Hardware Curtains Draperies Everett ALpine 2-6116 2814 Rockefeller give her an ELECTRIC CLOTHES DRYER An electric clothes dryer - for effortless clothes drying in win. ter's' messy weather -- is the ideal Valentine's Day gift for her. She'll love the way an electric clothes dryer does the heavy washday work.., the way it ends lugging baskets of wef clothes.., ends clothesline worries. With an electric clothes dryer, she just tosses the wet clothes into the dryer, sets the dials, and the dryer does the rest. This year, help her to dry clothes night or day, rain or shine, with a wonderful electric clothes dryer. Public Utility DMrict No. ! Of Snohomish County FEB. 7-15, 1960 oard of Commissioners fHOMAS QUAST, Pres. - PERRY M. BLACK, Vice Pres. -- WILLIAM B. BERRY, Secy. Americans are expected to own one trillion dollars in life insurance by 1970. , ( ,