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February 8, 1924     Monroe Historical Society
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February 8, 1924

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Pagc  -- - THE MONROE MONITOR  onroe, Washington Friday, February 8, ] 924 :,mA, 5'r. J. S.; Pa-ker, A. W.; Pater- The mlo.1, is a list of letters re- son, 3r. Isaac; Reutler, Karl; Res, ing on Columbia river boween Lan;- ing of MONARCH ranges. It is a differ- ent mixture from that of grey iron and has a distinct character. WATER SHOT UP AUNTAiN UNCALLED FOR LETTERS One of the Most Remarkable Hirjh maim;no unde!i-,ezed in the Post Office Pressure Pumping Plants Is at Foot of Mount Washim3ton t the foot of M;mnt Wnshingtan in New Hampshire, mP, y be seen a sinai', shed thal contains one of the m,st re- mqrkah!e higl>pressure pumicing plants anywhere. A single engineer, who acts as fireman, caretaker ,qud oiler, operates the phmt. It "squeezes ' water to a imight of 3,725 feet, qgainst a pressure of 2250 pounds to the square inch, from the base of the meant,tin to the summer hotel at the peak of Mount Washington. It is difticult to comprehend such a pressure without a medium of com- parison. The high-pressure system of New York's fire department, with :Rt pounds to the squqre inch. which will throw water over even tbe 7{Htfoot Weohvo,"t] building, is insignificant b.e- at Moore*e, Washington, January 23, 1924. Babcock, Mr Eli; Bovee, Sir. and E. C.; Bowde;n, I. W.; Bow.ers, Robert; Brown, Rev. F. Audey; Bun- g'ard, Bit. and M's. Jas.; Camp, Clar- ence Starr; Eckstrom, Virgil D.; EI- !ingson, Mr. Emil; Guil'e, 5Ir. Frank; Gyland, Mr. and Mrs. A. B., (care T. Pederson) (2); Hetland, Mr. Richard; Heytz, b!r. Carl B.; Job, Effie; Larson, Mr. Joe; McN.eely, Monroe; Marshall, A. D.; Munn, Mrs. Fred; Mmray, Mrs. Jessie;Niles, Mr. Clyde; Norby, Mr. Eddie; O'Bryan, Mr. Donovan; O'Don- Long'view--Long-Bell ferry, opara- ,l,  Gflbm, mares, Mr Walter;l ;4ev: and Ranier, Oreg'o:.b cacried a Sehmid, Mr. and )r' ZZarl; Starr! total of 109,716 automobi1.'s during 5rrs... FannvTalmage, Mr. Hiram; 1923. Traeevon, Mr; Uirich, Ed; Win.ter,, Arlington---Work of imvrovb};;' Pi- lr. Joe; !Ietter addressed to 5Iis3i nine,.7 Ella Cart-, 1255 Euclid Ave. E., De-i meer Park is progressing: " ' troiS, Mich, return address, B'Ionroe, GAS ON ST01k2awH  ,-a -v,u.,zaa-rx Wash., no name. I CAUSE AP, Ez,..tuz z iS When calling for any of the above Constant gas causes inflammation please say "Advertised." which may involve the appendix. Sim- i ple glycerin, buekthorn bark, etc., as CIe Elum reduced debgt $5,000 i n, mixed in Adlerika helps any ease gas ' ,Ion the stomach in TEN minutes. Most 1923. I medicines act only on lower bowel Spokane--Immediate construction l' but Adlerika acts on BOTH upper of first unit of $75,000 .nln ......... m.o,.,o..___ .[ and. lower bowel and removes all gas .  e . oiand poisons. Excellent for obstinate ed by Home Sash and uanuac omn  ........ o (eosupauon ann o guara-agamst ap- Co. pendicilris. No.M-Y4 side it. The pressure of a harnessed and unbreakable. It to . o el  Niagara Falls, or any of the numerous irrigation and power plvnt pr,dects of . - ..................... " enables us to mae tlae   top less think and heavy, i  ." .  .,,,,,m,,,l,,  R to the weight of that c, flumn of water ---. la'k the ame time gwng [ [ \\; \\; / [ [ from tt top to the l,ase .f M,mnt , - Even a few cows on any farm give profitable employ- : it gre2.ter durabihty, t '1 \\;adZ I! w,sh nton as tte f)ree w t n a s)In *: ',. .'.hese twisting tests lol I! /(  r r water I;ottle i, as {.,, .v"ur h,val, water  lnent through slack seasons, utilize the coarse and waste __ iHustra,e better than II I'1 /A -it s,,pp,y ,f the .,,,,.at ,V.s,,n,,on t " " 17 " words the strength of [ol 1 .I /Y I! It pumps were depraved of hmr dawes at ,cod, and return a steady income. mleable iron. ,u I i,,,,;m,m,mm,,.q q! the foot of the monntain nnd e,mne('ted  .I No. F4  instead to a turhine intake pipe at  N,,ra or ,o the b.b p,esure .to ir   lines of New York. they wmlld pump _IJ l /;gl  t _. ,aliens. ,ninu,e ,ate the pipes il  q  against tim 300 or 400 pounds pres- r ..,i,; ',,d II. ' II \\;,1 "' ........... ---F-o-R SALE B-BY-- sure., encounte, ed . P{!]t{ E",(' ,[,,,.,...c Carnation' is the lar,est selling brand in ,,?,,,;4 }, ",,: ....... g p ]OH NSTON HAVE SOME Q UEEB PETS  America. . ::i!} ! i ..-.z'.  J"  MONROE, WASHINGTON italian Has Donkey as Companion, " Barber Has Walking Fish; Scien-  __ tist Chums With Flea. " Y ur " " - . . "The Winchester Store" An Ualian ls cre-tngq sensation In Mark it on o Mark It on Your ...,_.i___ ..... -- ___ //" Ram( by treating a donkev as a boon  I " t1 'fl|"   I ----- COmlmnlon. He has even t'nken it ton [ " t00alenaar i x } talenaar restaurant to (line with him. The lacks I fk I&'/ 0000IOABDO NELSON animal enjoyed fear cocktails, two par- , l",.ll  tlous of asparagus, some "fruity" d- .4 "  " _ cheese and three apples. I -_/////fi,#, 'Atl:!01'l= ,- A harher in Toronto has a unl.oe I - -- paI" of pets. They are walking perche% [ "a' )[J , World .,v of India and Egypt. If Its [ll, i " ' S home stream dries up. this fish will flop across the land to the next water " r'o "1/[ _ iill._ supply. It has been known to travel 11115 lVlOIl[ll utopian Strong Man :) a   i l 18 miles in this way. " The barber's pets often leave their z 1 l aquarium and take a "constitutional"  T T   -  4 --- to the shop door. They wriggle along   /  1% i i 1% I by means of their fins. Just as a seal -- / /    ,    in his wonderful feats of strength " --See window cards-- C" t ,. >,\>i Enbrtainment and Dance in Connection Ci,:en under auspices Order of Vasa Ad::lis T5e Children 25e Everybody Welcome FELLOWS HALL, MONR0 Scientists often "chum up"wlth on- 00ONOAY FEB 11 8 P M " likely f,-lends. Oneexperhnentedw[th a lieu, which became quite attached to ! m ! m m tts owner, whom It would never bite. Lord Avebury had a pet wasp which Is now preserved ,in the British museum. It would feed out of the scientist's hand. , | 00argams in Remnants and Pieces of Furniture Monday we will place in the window remnants of drapery, carpet samples, odd lengths of floor covering, some odd pieces of furniture, also odd lfieet, s from our dis'h line, and other articles. These will all be marked at greatly reduced prices. You will find real bargains among these dif- fli'ent articles. Let Us Do Your Printing tO and Have Your Eyes Ex- amined Care of Small Wounds. Be sure to keep an Injury clean Place the wound under clean running water to make sure that all the dirt and foreign substance are washed out Do not touch a wound with your fin- ger (unless It has first been washed clean), as your hands, at no time, are surgically cleaa. Wcap up the wound with a clean gauzebandage. If thls Is not at hand, use the cleanest thing procurable. Then take the injured per- son to a doctor Small scratches and cuts may be washed clean with boric acid writer (two teaspoonfuls to a glass of water) or Iodine water (four or five drops In half a glass of water). Pro- tect all skinned knees with clean gauze, after the knees have heen washed to remove sand and dirt from the injury. British Humor. That British humor can be as exag- gerated as flint of the typical Ameri- can gag is proved by the fellowing from a London weekly: A meeting of the district council was in progress to consider a complaint about the muddy state of the roads In the offtlying dis- tricts. One of the councillors said: "Gentlemen, I was walking hy the road in question the other morning when I saw a man's hat on top of the mud. I touched it with my stick and was astonished to hear a man's voice from beneath. 'My friend,' I said, 'It's a bit thick flere, isn't ltT 'It ain't 'alf,' came the answer, 'and I'm on the top o' the busl'" Of Course. The youthful bugler wore a proud smile as ie turned out on parade for the first time. He was accosted by an dfficer and asked if he knew all the bugle calls. "Not all, perhaps, slr." he admitted modestly. "but I know most of them." "Well. now," continued the officer, "what would yon do In ease of fire?" :'Blow the call for lights out. slr." Los Angeles Times. Got 'Em All A man was wanted by the police. They secured slx different photographs of him and the pictures were circu- lated through the locality. The chief In a small town wrote to headquar- ters a few days later saying: "I duly received the pictures of the six mis- c,'eants whose capture Is desire(L I have arrested five of them; the sixth is under observation and will be taken SOOn." He Should Know. A student annoyed his master by asking foolish questions. One day, after he had Interrupted the lecturer several times with Irrele- wnt remarks and questions, he asked: "'Sir, how long can an animal live with- out brains?" "Well," was the reply, "I really don't know. Mr, F _-]-, ho_w ol.d are. you ?" AT EVERETT IS V0000ednesday, February 13 It will be a day of real opportunities tb the thrifty. Families living within a day's journey will save many times the cost and time of a trip t Everett next Wed- nesday. Hundreds of timely money-saving opportunities--things you need right now-- priced to save you moneymNext Wedn-sday is the day--Everett the place--Come! In spite of this tremendous increase in production, it was impossible to meet delivery requirements during the spring and summer months when orders for 350,000 Ford Cars and Trucks could not be filled. This year winter buying or immediate delivery has been more active than ever be|ore--and in addition 200,000 orders have already been booked through the Ford Weekly Purchase Plan for spring delivery. These facts clearly indicate that the demand during this spring and summer will be far greater than ever, and that orders should be placed immediately with Ford Dealers as a means o| protection against delay in securing your Ford Car or Truck or Fordson Tractor Spring Demand 739,626 : .............. ,, ;;,,.,  :., more Ford cars and trucks were pro- :'" duced last year than the previous - year, an increase of over 50 per cent. q;;:',:, ,,,: r:-.. - iit -  Detroit, Michigan A s-mall deposit down, wkh easy payments o| the balance arranged, er your enrollment under the Ford Weekly Purchase Plan wi!l put our order on the prelerred list |or spring delivery. See the Nearest Authorized Ford Dealer LET US FIGURE ON yOUR PRIN00I .... 'i