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February 1, 1907     Monroe Historical Society
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February 1, 1907

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11 the mormng?, she exclalmoff IIPRESCPdPTI000@ ITZL ,SOCIETY ANO PERSONAL THE MONITOR will be glad to Imblish all notes of receptions, parties, weddings, out-of-town guests, social events in lod-'e circles, personals, etc., in these columns. Either send in by mail, telephone, or hand in to the office as mar!}' in the week as possible. Married, January 26, 1907, at the # HOTEL HOTEL PEARSALL Gee N Marsh, Seattle H G Clark, " A1 \\;V Fetsch ' \\;V E ttarlan, " A Blair, B F Sehaffer, " J M McClure, " Paul Burke, Snohomish B M Adams, Bellingham R B Cunjaingham, Everett kissing him. 'S AGGOU00T BF BEATRICE 8TURGES Copyright, 1906, by C. H. Suteliffo lie told her breathlessly, and she ltste1.ed to his admiration of the eom- LnOlO'.'e with rising color "Isn't he perfectly splendid, Aunt Marjorie? They say there are ten ele- phants and the lions growl something awful! But I won't be afraid with the commodore. Only I wish you were coming too. Vonldn't you like it? I'm sure he'd take you, too, If you Willie sat on the steps iu a distinctly asked him." . unhappy mood It was the first of "No, honey, I--I don't think so. I July, bright aml beautiful. The garden don't expect to see the commodore was ablaze with flowers and he could gain; we--we aren't friends any Your physician's preseriptiens will l)e carefully filled without.error or loss of tilne at this Pharmacy. We carry a full stock of. pure flesh Drugs. Also a most atwactive and coml)lete assortment of Toilet Articles of every descrip- tion. W. E. MANS[IELD THE DRUGGIST residence of Mr. Summers; Marysville, by Rev. W. L. Richardson, Mr. Amend K. Mundale and Miss Jessie M. Rob- bins. The bride is a daughter of Supt J. M. Robbins, of the county farm. The wedding occurred on the fiftieth anniversary of the wedding of the bride's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Robbins of Marysville, who were both present. It was also the birthday of the bride and the olficiating minister. Mrs. Summers is an aunt of the bride. An elegant dinner was served and the young couple left for a short trip to i the Soand chv,',-s. They will reside on ,o;,Lm farm, four miles from the "" ""  MarysvilIe. @ ft.,liable and true to n:ame aar.e '.-.'hat you want in plant-  ia.o." tn orahard. Yea get 4 them from the @ Hat'dy Shruts, oses and Plants ore" Speei'tltv 4* @ :$ THOS, R. HOP}:liiS 6r0s Them $ C, !. BB".JilaLL Sils Them i[ Or toiephone (Sunset) and talk with us ever what you need I. 0 ! 5{r. John C. Heintz and Miss Ethel ?,.I. Secord were married Tuesday after- noon, JanumT 29th, at 2 o'clock, at the home of the groom's nother, Mrs. ' Laura Iieitz, 3117 0akes avenue, e Everett, by Rev. Mr.'Casey, pastor of the First M. E. etmrch. The wedding was strictly private.. After a short trip, the young couple will make their home in Monroe. Both the bride and groom are young people who have ived here for several years; and have large circle of friends, who will wish them a happy voyoge thru life, and in which the Monitor joins. gu00,,.gTlgS PRINTS ,, per yard, 5c, 6e, 7c, 8c, 12-c GINGHAMS per yard, 8c, 120 PERC.&LES per yard, 12e, 15e MUSLINS per yard, 8c, 9c, 10e, llc OUTINGS per yard, 10e, 12.e FL&NNELETTES per yard, 10c, 12c, 18e, 20c i 00onro00 Harness .. E. t{. N1Myropfiee,: Me.roe Livery, FeeR Sale Stable a. P. JOOS, Propr. Rigs of all kinds at reasonable rates. Special attention to commercial men. BOTK PHONES . , ,, OOLLO00F 00, WOOB FOrl S00.LE =t y ,, ooo..... 9 Mrs. William winch of Anacortes - i l Was visiting her husband, Mr. Rauch, Now. children" said an enthusiastic ./steam shovel eng{neer, for a week at teacher" "Johnnie has spelled 'mite' If you want your money's   the home of Arthur Hibbits. correctly and told us that it is a very worth in wood, teitephone small object Can any little boy re- " il ;i member where mite Is mentioned In Holmquist's Mill for a load Thirty-two ladle ttended the Royal the Bible?" of Cedar Sldts- A load |Neigh ors coffee at the home of Mrs. Onesmall hand was raised and a dMivered.a your house for- b $'t.75. /Suhl uesday afternoon, small voice said, "The pen is mite-mr than the sword."--Judge. The Catholic Ladies Ad will ge a WUe C,im- o co.,o,,. AUG. HOLD.QUIST 1 card party in Foresers hall next Wed- Mrs. Smithson Brown--I am told that Mrs. ,nes Green Grey has been ex- nesday evening, February 6th. Re- pelled from her club. CI,-. Devorls--Served the hor- freshmentswill be served. Admission Mrs. '" rid thing Just right! Was her offense 15 cents.  serious ? "positively heinouS, my dear. She Miss Maebell McDonald of Everett was giving rebates on her alimony!"-- was the guest of the Misses Leduc Puck. Saturday and Sunday, and a'ttended not vop,aa,,. ,he club dance Saturday evening. "Don't you agree with the sugges-  ties that the stars and stripes would Aden McDonald came up from Ev- be n good design for a postage stamp?" 3rett to attend the club dance Satur- "Neverl" "Why not?" day evening, and visited friends over "The people would never consent to that glorious emblem being put in a Sunday. .x. way to get licked."--Baltlmore Ameri- The M. E. Ladies.Aid Society will can. meet socially Wednesday afternoon, te o se. or--It's a woman's privilege to February 6th, at the' home of_Mrs. W. change her mind, you knoW E. Mansfield. The fdllowing is the Him--Yes, also a man's, but- =: : = ........ ..... -i program to be given: Solo, Mrs. Iter--But what? -* Helgesen; Reading, Mrs. Sprau; Solo, ttlm--But when he does the chances TO! EK-MN. defendant in a breach of promise suit. ;[ C.RPENTEU B/ILDE[AND  Miss Eaton; Recitation, Winnifred are he will find himself posing as the - CON'i'IACTO1:  Logan; Solo, Mrs Sweet; Duet, Mrs. --Detxolt Tribune. Cabinet Work of all kinds at lowest  I-I. A. Banhart and Mrs. S. B. Moore It Certainly Is. , ,ri,,,s. Fu.ituyre:,%(. ffe'tFN; , I Solo, "The Breezes are Rocking the ,,It's,certainly a great pity," said the niture hand ma,c. rrw, s ...... t "1 Sleep," Miss LoLtie B Smith; man who occasionally lets out an t customers, shop o,, L,,,s strt I Roses to ...... '- - - : = : ---"** Solo, "MyTrundie Bed," Rev. McKean. audible thought. ,:: : ........... What's a great pity?" queried the  party with the rubber habit. A strangers social by the M.E. "That amateur actors can't see them- James Stewart S Thompson Thos Barrett D Payne Saul Olsen, Everetl) J p Smith E N Hamlett Dive O'Neill R P LeVake, Seattle W E Taylor \\;r F Peters, St. Paul O Olson Chas Langgerst Chas E Stiff, St,. Paul Y{ t. Coster M Garmire W T Hendryx, Portland John Marryatt, Everett R L Duff E Goodfellow J J Fitzo.erald, Waterville Chas Melvin Alf Wedeholm \\;V C Blake, Snahomish Ads B Campbell, Everett A Springer, " Dr J W Thompson and wife Ida Berg watson & Carlyle J S Eby, Everett bh's Hd blaeDougall \\;V E Clark, Portland F O Cart'on, Seatbie ,VTn Conrad Carl Hilhnan, Skykomish J E DeuPree, Marysville Robt G Trumball, Seattle C E Roberts, " F A Harris, " A CLoy, " L F Hodges, " C H Springer, " C C Hammond, " J T Bethell, " Ira W Conner, " J R Profitt, " Mrs R Hayes t Heppell, Snohomish Robt E Philipp, Everett J H Collins, " Oscar Book, " John Colder J S Moss C Sehlund Wm Conrad \\;V H Caasell, Belllngham Daniel Clarke :ed E Stone, Seatt,le S Saintmyer; " tloward Howlaud, Seattle F P Bennett, Tolt R i Coster F E Fergusow Ben Larson John Joyee Erie tIamilton Samuel Reeves, Seattle J F Angevine and wife, Everett Z L Coffmaa and: wife, Seattle Ray Cavanaugh, " WASHINGTON HOTEL Guy Ball Guy Galiger E E Barnes R E Everett F Pearsall C Christensen Thus Brown Frank Keatin C McMillan, Seattle Mrs Iverson Mamie Anderson, S D Bayons pick as many as he wanted. His ball and books and little fire engine lay on the porch beside him, and his collie pup was begging him to come and play, but Willie had no heart for any of these at- tractions. He was grieved \\;\'hat was the use, he reflected, of being the only child if your father and mother go away for more." "oh, auntie!" exclaimed. Willie, I genuine dismay. "Ariel he's so good tOO" Villie thouffht for a mhmte thaL his Aunt Marjorie was going to cry, 'and then he was surprised to hear her say iu a m.mner singularly unlike her unual gentleness.- "Maybe some peo- ple think he is good, but I knoW his two weeks and leave you at home? true (,lmracter, and I do not think yoU What was the use of having a young ought to go around alone with him." aunt stay at your house if she shut her- This speech was rendered with all the self up In her room and wouldn't come dignity that a woman of the world, aged nineteen, could muster "You went with him alone to lotg of phtces," eompiained Willie "You went last night." "Yes, and that's Just the reason I'm not going ngaiu. If a mau takes a girl to a dance and fo'rgcts her he will cer- tainly forget u little boy when he takes him to the circus, and then what would hat)pen to yo?" Really this was awful. Willie had never seen his dear little aunt in such a state, but she was very sweet to him and tool; him out driving that after- noon, in the village to buy him candy and lots of fireworks for the Fourth. lie didn't kuow what to think about his beloved commodore, but saw hi the next day and promptly re/)eat- " ed the whole conversation. It seemed to him the simplest way out" of the dif- ficulty. "Did you forget, commodore?" he in-' sisted. "Great Scott, Willie, maybe I di .? she says so; but she wasn't lonesom ,- he said grimly. "Girls are queer or, ot tures, Wellington; you'll, find that "or[l way, some day But don't say another  3"o1," about the eh'eus. I'll fix it some " You're going to see it as sure as 'd name is Viucingetorix. 'o , . . .. So Villie kept hm eounsel aT, og , etted much by his auntie for tl Crae,. -e j p . ,& ,te two days. On the morning ." lit, , Fourth ie was firing qff his ,∶? 2 '/ TO from the open wtdow in t ut. 8h e o h .e nightclothes at 4 o'clock, and /tO ' y to WI"Td:I OOKD ANXIOUSlbY I712,O5I ONE said never a word of compht ea, RI O'lnR. had made up her ],find to tak. "th ; downstairs? And what was the use of ' " " " the ch'cns herself and to get aw. ... being alive at all when the circus was to avoid any possible conflict wL q i WALL PAPER Paints, Oils,, Varnishes, Brushes and: Glass Isicture FrameG Room Mouldings Contracting Painter and Paper Hanger Notice You are mking a mistake when you think you can't Net wood. Phone 153,. BOB ARASTRONG. -be M,i:4gr L .1 a year. church will be held at Austin's hall selves as others see them."--Chicago News Wednesday evening, February 6th. . . An ImpraeOcal Idea. .... " id A social club has been organized "I have a great idea this. time, .sa the cheery inventor, "A nomeless lawn mong the young people for the pur- mower." pose of giving dances, the first one being last Saturday night. For Rheumatic Sufferers The quick relief fron pain afforded by applying Chamberlain's Pain Balm :makes it a favorite with sufferers from rheumatism, sciatica, lame back, .lum- bago, and deep seated and museular pMns.. For sale by E. A. Hoberts, the druggist.. "And what fun Is there In a noise- less law mower?" asked the capital- 1st. "It wouldn't wake anybody up l/l the morning."--Washington Star. Easy For the Hanmoek. amma--I hope you were not sitting in the hmmock with Jack last night, Lulu ? Lulu--No, mamma. I didn't think it was strong enough for both of us to sit In. Jack sat in the hammock and I sat In Jaek's lap.--Yonkers Statesman. H G Moore Tom Bonner J Mitehell H Matson Fred Kempe" H H Hardy "W Kann W T Brady S Thompson- \\;V Cordery Geo Moore John Cost,clio, Snoho mish Frank Kelly J Carson J Donald Rance Book A W Smock E Clough Thrift. S A Reynolds  "Mrs. Migglethwait is such a thrifty Gant Ainger  A T Hensley Con Collins 01"i011 A tt Kellogg', Puyatlup Mit ;hell Bisenat HOE G F King \\;V Jamison" T t!alI;eny sl, 6o02   FOR SKLE  N P K,,,ni, SW M: aP quart a:t dull .mat top.  Cut In any leng h ; Chaml, erl ,'n C,ug I:cu., dy a Favorite weird le. r=  t" " " ' ' "\\;Ve prefe tfl,,mt,,rl:ia's Couh iorlieatlb=nd  Dry or Green millta heel "Vas.,ar" Prices, and $4.00 eomtng to town In three days and no- ] body had invited yon to go? Life was I former great friend, the commod full of terrible problems. Ite was just I now a stranger forever.. wondering if he hadn't better cry al)out I Before lunch was over, however, the it when he saw a friend coming down  commodore's ouring car stopped at the the street and hastily changed his door and the commodore was standing on the 1)oreh, eap tn hand, announciag mind This friend was no less a person than Max IIarwood, ehief of the volunteer fire department of Norwood, commo- dore of the local yachting club and a hero in Willie's eyes .By some mys- terious coincidence Commodore Max appearl on the scene with great momptness and frequency whenever \\;Vil!le's aunt, Mlss Marjory Deau, came for a visit, and as these visits had been rather numerous during the year Just that he had come'. "Yes, I see," returned Marjorle c0ol- ly, but deliberately avoiding his gaze: . Max had such a way of looking at one. "But what fdr?" "Why, to lake my friend Julius Cae- sar to the circus." Willie looked anxiously from one to the other in an ecstasy of hope an Suspense. "I told Willie"-- paed \\;Villie knew hhn well enough "Yes, I know," he Interrupted, "but to rummage through his pockets and to If you come, too, it will be all right." boast about their Intimacy whenever "Oh, yes, auntie!" cried Willie, Jump-. any of the other boys needed a little' ing with joyful anticipation wind taken ont of their sails MarJorle tried hard to look cold.and To Willie's surprise Max was pass- dignlIled. mg wtth merely a wave of the hand, "Vould you spoil th-tt child's day?" so the little boy Jumped up and ran ked the commodore, coming closer. ,'MarJorle, please!" His eyes urgedhe after him. "Itello, Napoleon!" eheerily called his as well as hl voice. hero. It was his fancy to call Willie by he looked at hlm. "All right, I'll go, the names of the world's great gener- But It's Just on Wlllie'.s account." "Any reason will do," responded als, one after another. "Good morning, commodore; aren't Max as he helped her lnt the ear. "But maybe you can find a better one mu coming In to see us?" "Guess not, tIannlbal; it's pretty before we get home. I'm going to rfde back here with you and Villh/m." He #11 " arly for comp Y. "You have been earlier than this," llfted the delighted child, gave him a- hug, and put him iu the front seat said the child reproqehfully. "Well--er--I'm kind of busy thls with the chauffeur. "William the Con- queror is going to have the time of hl ia:lornhlg"-- WilIIe was turning away to hide the life." hurt look In his eyeS. Nohody wanted The Tarnole Land. to bother him. Iax saw this and has- Sinai was knowu as the "turquols tlly added: land" in very ancient tlmes,.and Dr. "But get your cap and come along l'm going down to fix up the boat. You Flinders Petrie believes that It was the lirst mining center In the world. can hell) me." The delighted child raced bark to the In hls book on the subject Dr. Petrie house for his cap and then was off tells of the various expeditions senLtw " Sisal by the Egyptian government. t and tn hand wlth the commodore, the head of the party was the "com- hapl)Y as a lark. They worked all the morning on the boat and then the commodore took Willie up the river for a sail. "Are you going to the clrcus, Aga- memnonT' inquired Max, by way of conversation With a recurrent touch of gloom Willie was forced to admit that he didn't think he was. mander," or "bearer of the seal o the god," the pharaoh The ofl[icial staff consisted of ,'masters of the house of metals," or assayers, scribes and see- retqries, to make inventories of the output of the mlneS. Even more mod- ern were the ,'devisers of metals," or prospectors. The working staff con- sisted of miners and their assistant.. The commissariat had cooks, bread Phone Sunset No. 483 Remedy to any other for our children," see It alL" ""Indeed I won'tI" cried the odd|d, and more important than Hull; had "  lch It ts ' Is, d'm . th'e " or : for u  wild with delight as he raced Into e five churches, a capacious harbor an says Mr L. J. Woodbury of Tining, i Syl[ s 5 i *Y'. " ' , ,",.t,e house totellhlsaunt._ ....... a number of buildlngs befitting lt [i hard colds :,,, ,': P, a.n  ,.. . I ' Jhd was watching tormm antaeus,, rauk and Importance. Where are theF easute in recou ,e,,dua it" or " h. Wtll ho, where have yo ' " --'*-'*-'*'-* t ale by E. A. Ro)er r,s, (.ruggist. [ " " " ' "Veell, I'd like to take somebody ot bakers, water carriers dud even a doe- Just about your size," went on hls host, tor attached The mlnes could only be "and I think that somebody,,ls you. worked for. a certain period, from What do you say, my hearty? January to May, which is exactly the "Fin& Fine! shouted YVlille. bst period for archaeological work 1 "Well, heave ho, there, and we'll Slual today The miners camps, lice the maln brace. Keep out of the and the so called forts and camps . e; seuppers whtio I hoist the mainsail: were really miners' villages. ' landing ' r " " " ' "Did yml ever shiver your tlmbe s, Instance, which was constituted a free commodore?" asked Willie. bjrough by Edward I. at a cost of "Lots of times, Wellington, and still 300 an4 became a seaport of almost llve to tell the tale. Don't forget about national Importance There It was that he Fourth--side shows, fat lady, .pea- Edward Baliol embarked wlth a force uts elephants, pink lemonade--we'll of 2,500 strong tn order to win the ' crown of Scotland. The town bigger