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February 1, 1907     Monroe Historical Society
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February 1, 1907

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- ew-00s TOWN-AND COUNTRY N Weller, Clothing, Shoes, Furnishings !i Phone 274 for wood. Lemon. :Eastern oysters at new Fish Market. ! Dr. Pond has put in a Farmers  :phone. Fresh fish at the new Fish Market every day. N. T. Bradley made a business trip o Seattle yesterday. Have you seen the r.,.,v Neckwear J. E. DOLLOFF 2 C0.'S? The Congregationalists will hold rvices in their new church Sunday. The Celestial Medicine Company has ,on holding forth at the hall each evening this week. Dr. 8tryker is having plans and es- made on a $1,400 cottage for lot's on Blakeley street. Fresh fist from 6c a pound up at new Fish Market. "the Odd Fellows will go tp Sultan night and put on the initia- l and first degrees, and fraternize neighbors. YOU WILL BE SATISFIED because we carry the most satisfac- tory stock of Groceries in the city. We are a little fussy on the point of quality. We prefer to draw trade by reason of high quality than by cheap i . l prlces. Extremely low figures will not buy staple groceries anywhere.. Monroe Mercantile go, inc, >, IIe says he will l)ring an airship that will carry four persons and gnaranteo to sail it right around the steeple of ! the Methodist church." "I dan't see hey" that will help any," she protested. ". e have no auMup. I "F, nt I've hired this." he explained. , "Instead of sailing dr,rand the church By CHARLES LEE SARGENT ] we will sail past your house and take you on board. I guess your father Copyright, 19ff4. by C. It. Suteliffo woll't et;t.l ra" this time." "Do you think It will be safe?" she "But I can't," pleaded Marion. "l pleaded.. pro.,nised not to elope with you." "Absolutely safe," was the assur, "_'ou said that you had promlsed not aries. "The man says he has gone up a hundred tlme." to elope with me by any known "Let's try it," she said excitedly. "It means," he argued "Do you remora- will be sueh fun! But won't it cost a bet just what it was?" lot of money?" "As if I could forget," she murmur- "Don't you think you're worth it?" ed--"'I do solemnly promise that l he countered as he bout over her. '% will not elope with James Warder by do if you don't." walking, by riding, by driving, by auto- There was a little more talk before they separated, and wheu at last silo turned toward her home it was with a mobile, by tralu or by boat, by bicycle or by any other means of. travel over .land or water.' I guess that Is definite enough." "That's tlie way your father seemed to think," he laughed. "I was a fool to let you make suciz a promise." "But he would bays killed you," she urged. "tie really would have done so." "I know," he said. "It ws better for all that we did not let his passions f B00glNEgg LOI00L00 ]1 [ re will be a dance at John Shan- tomorrow (Saturday) night, his Tualeo friends, to which I Old, mellow and thoroly matured, it ld a general invitation to all possesses every essential of a genuine- to attend to come. ! ly flue Kentucky hquor; that s why . Van de Walls will serve l W. ItARPER whisky is the most pop- Monroe, Sunday, February ular. Sold by Henry & Osier. l a.m. Special meeting on immediately after FOR RENTA good ranch on Catholics please attend, shares. Or cash. Stock for sale. ZT WAS .NOT AN EASY MATTER TO GET AmOX z'ro n. cz. Inquire of T. S. FAUSSET-P, Sams carry a full line of Dress '_Prim- block, Monroe, Wash. 1-18 carry him out of ltimself, but you will Appliques, Persian Band, Pull go with me, little gill, if I can fix It Braids and Fancy Silk Braids, all SPAN OF MULES FOR SALE-- shades. J. E. DOLLOFF & CO. harnes.. Good farm team. She raffling of the sofa pillow of uire of Mrs. A. J. Austin. Mrs. Anna Olson, for which tickets have been selling for some time, will Pensioners and old soldiers of the ale place at the Monroe Furniture civil war will hear of something to - theil' advantage by calling upon S. E. Ntore tomorrow (Saturday) evening at Tallman, Monroe, Wash. 7:30. E. L. Teeple of Marysville, a broth- 'ets Stro,,ge "r, .... vetiO,," or-in-law of J. M. Robbins of the coun- All pains arising from rheumatism gy farm, has leased five acres of James gout, megrim, toothache, neuralgia, election, and since then the elders llad Farmer for a chicken ranch, and will headache, liver pains, neuralgic pains: kept up the feud. sciatAca, lumbago, stiff neck, chilbiains, Jim and Marion had fallen in love. and they were halfway to Carrsville immediately proceed to install the contused mucles, enlarged veins and before they were overtaken by George " same. all pains of the bones or nerves quick- ttalpin, lie was white with anger, Rigby phoraph gallery open Sat- ly relieved by usinff Vilbur's Oil of md his finger twitched nervously on Gladness, 50c pet" bottle. For sale by the trigger of a revoh'er as he com- alrday afternoon and Sunday, until g. A. Roberts and W. E. Mansfield. manded Marion to descend from the better weather, buggy and take her place iu his own Frogs Iu u Fight. "'flgon. A suit for $25,000 has been brought A desperate fight took place between There had beeu a drive home in ab- by MinaGauthier, as guardian adlitem :two parties of frogs, each composed solute silence which in he stillness of for her tvo infant children, againsi: of not less than 10,000, In a large ditch the night had worked on the girl's In OJlmura, Harlma prefecture, ou feelings in strange fashion, and when he 'W.ood .& Iverson Logging Com- lany, for the death of the husband and father, Benjamin Gauthier, which occurred last June. Crabs 10c apiece at the new Fish Market. " " Agnew Brothers, who bought the Jane Berry place in Tualco, are put- ling in a water power to run a wood saw and cream separator. The7 will build 250 feet of flume, with 60 feet head, with . 12-foot wheel, which will give from 15 to 18 horse-power. Vic- tor Ekmarr will install the plant. Shoes for everybody at the new shoe store of F. M. Crooker. No rent--low prices. The Ladies of the Maccabees vill give a Calico Ball at I. 0. 0. F. hall, Naturday evening, February 16th. The established reputation of the Macca- bees as high class entertainers assures an affair of the highest order. Storm- :fel's orchestra of Everett will furnish the music. A beautlful line of Silks in Plaids, tJhecks, Taffetas, Peau de 8ois, 0rkeda nd Sedo. Prices 50c to $1.25 yard. ].. E. DOLLOFF & CO. to evade those conditions?" "If only you could," she said wist- fully, "but, Jim, I don't see how we possibly can do anything. VVe must travel either by land or water." "I have an idea," he said mysterious- ly. "I think that I call make that promise hold good and yet take you away." She smiled faintly as she turned her face up for a kiss. Three months be- fore she and Jim had started to elope. Years before there had been bitter feel- ing between their fathers over a village June 24, at about 1 p. m. Toward 9 at last the home was reached he had in the evening the operation became led her into the parlor, where the faro- very hot, a corps of about 4,000 stand- lly Bible lay in state on the center lag firmly in the ditch against two table. other corps of over 3,000 each, which Solemnly he had IMaced her hand apparently seemed to be the invading upon the sacred book and had made army. The noise and bustle were her swear not to elope with Jim. Not more than can be described. In spite content with a general oath, he had of the hard struggle, however, the bat- sought to make it more binding by tie did not end until 10 o'clock the specifying every means of transit he next morning to the great annoyance could imagine, and when the girl had of the peaceful human noncombatants at last staggered to her-bedroom it nronnd the battlefield, when over 700 ,-as with the feeling that Jim was.lost warriors killed and 2,000 wounded to" her. Her promise was the price of were to be seenon the spot--Japan his life, and the promise once made Times. could not be broken. - For a time Jim had seemed coni;ent The Highest Dam. but now he had suddenly changed his On Salt river, Arizona, there is in mind, and somehow le had communi- course of construction what is said rated some of his hope to her. Sle to be the highest dam in the world, was willing to go away with him and When it is completed In 1908 Roose- get maimed If ouly a means could be velt, the town on the site, will be 172 found to escape tim letter of her obli- feet below the level of the water. It 'gallon, but her father had made It so is anticipated that "the head obtained binding that she could not see how a will be the means of securing abun-, loophole could be found. dant power. A temporary power plant, It was not until a few weeks later a cement mill, Ice plant, lighting plant that I found the explanation. Ou her :and sawmill have been eoml,leted. A way back from the store she eneoun- telephone line has been installed to tered Jlm on the road. tie cameto, the head works of the power canal ward her smilingly. eighteen miles above Roosevelt, and extended in the other direction to the site of the great dam, which Is thirty miles from Phenlx." "I've got it all fixed," he declared beamiugly. "Your father made yo wear that you would not elope with me on land or sea. lie didn't say any- thing about going through the air, did he?" Musical Typewriter. Among new inveutions is a type- "VVhyshould he7" she asked. "Until Writer for writing musical scores. It we l(!arn how to fly I don't see how was a crying need and has Just been that is possible." patented. The difficulty was with the "But we eau fly," he insisted. "Look keyboard. The notes with their must- here." cal notation were easily arranged, but He drew from his pocket a copy of a to shift the type and set In chords was paper black with heavy type and cuts. the great obstacle that the iuventor There among the advertisements of claims to have finally overcome. The can racks, powders for making orange paper used is the ordinary music ruled' eider and ice cream cones was the pie- . For Sale -Registered Jersey Bull, coming 2 :Fears old, from-World's Fair PRIZE !WINNING strain. For particulars feeling of happiness site had not ex, 1)erleneed in weeks. She (lid not feel bound by lhe promie, except that site had pledged her oath. She had not sworn that she would not elope through the "air, and she saw in this her opportunity. A couple of weeks later a car was backed up the siding tlmt ran into the county f,iir grounds, and some lnyster|- ous packages were nnloaded and taken into the Agricultural hall. The next night the few persons who were abroad after u]idni.llt were sur- prl:,'ea to .ee a huge white balk flogt- ins in the ah'. Some fled, some stared, but none guessed what It was. Marion, lookiug from Imr window, saw it approachhl, in the moonllght mnl watched the aeronaut as he ma- neuvered for a favorable approach. Presently the machine settled down. At its approach the watchdog fled and htd trembling under the barn, so that no sound save the soft purring of tlm motor broke the tillness as the bag brushed against the house. It was not an easy matter to get Marion into the car, but at last she grasped Jim's hands and swung out clear of the sill. Then he drew her up into the ear, and with a soft flutter the bhmt nose of the gas bag was pointed toward the moon. They rose a hundred feet, and then through the still night air they headed for across 'the river. There was no ferry or bridge nearer than Carrsville, five miles downstream, and oven should her father be aroused by the noise he could not head them off In time. As it happened there was no sound to arouse his SUSlncions, anti an hour later they had crossed the water and were stand- ing in the pgrsonage of the little church while the surprised minister read the marriage service. Then they climbed into the cat" again, and the airship rose into the sky. "It's an odd wedding Journey," he laughed as the great gas bag rose. "I guess this is the first elopement by airship." "Don't you think," she smiled back, "that all newly married people are up In the clouds?" "That's because they are so near par- adise," he explained. "I feel as if we had sailed right through the blue vault." "We must come back to earth," she said practically. "I wonder what fa- ther will say." "We shall know tn about half an hour," he laughed. "I am going hack to convince him that you dtd not break your oath." George Italpin was Just going toward the barn in the first early light when he paused, awestricken, to regard the shape al)l)roaching. When It descer;d- 'ed close to him and he saw Jim and Mariou in the car he grasped the sit- uation. "I promised not to elope on land or water, father,", explained Marion, with a nervous little laugh, as she stepped from the car_ "'You see, I kept my word." For a moment the old anger flared up, then died out again: "I gues," she said slowly, "that if Jim Warner is as hard up as all that for a wife he can have you. You'd better run lx the house and tell mother to come oat and have a look at thls Invention. ItYs got me dumfounded." Xot an IL Month. It was a broiling August day..Four tired, sweltering, discouraged, fisher- men sat at the table of a wajnside inn eating their dinner. The soup was steaming hot. the fried steak sizzled on hot plates, the torrid baked potatoes burned Incautious fingers, and the fiercely hot coffee scalded reckless tongues. Even the wtter war rather more than lukewarm. "Such a dtnuer/' growled one of the uncomfortable party, '.'to set :before folks vn abet day!" Presently the matd entered to re- move the plates. She asked a question that filled the tired, hot tsherm6n with Joyful expectations. What she said sounded like this: "'APe you ready for your lceT" Ice! Of course they were ready. They dropped their forks, abanuoned their coffee and leaned back in their rhairs to await the coming dessert. They could fairly feel it slipping down their hot throats tn cool, delicious spoonfnls. Lemon.lee, pineapple tee, orange ice--- The dessert came. It was huge dish- es of steaming-boiled rice. With one accord the flshermell push- ed back theh- chairs and fled. from that dining rogm. It. was the laet straw. lurtfnelent Gunranee. "It ts my duty," said the consoles- sheet. The notes of the treble .clef ture of a m:tn in an airship, tious lawyer to his client, "to see that are first written, then those In the "You klow," lie explained, "I'm the yon have a fair had square trial and bass. So far they lmve only been able chairman of tile entertainment eom- Justice all theway through." inv:,,-o,.ato." and h,,:Ider ,,,, o, i; :i broi-endo'vn t,ssues \\;\,tlbur, Pugett ,!1 nP,.pJT tnlUBfl r :[ anvkhad on your hody. by t,'kin: a few I * .... : bottlc of this mediei::e t, hey will soou i *-'-"'*"-*-'-''-*-'-''-* diaapp( t," For rheuwatim the inedi- cine never fails. $1.00 per bottle, i' lYor sale by E. A. Roberts and W. E. i E. Mansfield. call or write, R. E. McKINNIE, Taylor & Johnson Ranch, Monroe, YCash. OSTfOPATHY AT HOME We teach you how to treat and cure yourself and others without the use of drugs or medicines. i All Acute and Cllronlc Diseases Cured Send 2c ztarnp for full particulars" and BOOKLET ON HEALTH KIRKSVILLE INFIRMARY OF 05TEOPATRY Washington Bldg.. - - Seattle SUMMONS BY PUULICATION IN TttE STPERIOR COURT OF' TIlE STATE of Washington. for nohomi.h County. Anna Neill, plaintiff, vs. ltardy Neill. defend- ant. The State el Washingtoh to said IIardy Ncin, defendant: You arc hereby summbned to appear within sixty days after the date of the first publica- tion of this smm-ilons, to wit: within sixty days alter the 4th day of January. 1907. and iefend lie above entitled action in the above entitled court, and answer the complaint of the, plaint- iff and serve It enpy of your answer upon the undersigned attorney for I)hdntlff. at his office below stated: and in case Of your failure so to do. judgment will bc rendered against you ac- cording to the demand of the roml)laint, which has bccn tiled with the Ch'rk of said Court. The object nf this action is to oblain a decree of divorce on. the ground of abandonment for more than one year. hi J. M(.GUINNESS. Attornev for the I'laintiII. no8 First Street Suohomish, Wash. Date'of first publication .]an. 4. 190;'. IN ThE SUPEIIlOR C()URT ()F TIfE STATE i of ,Vashington. in and for the county of Sno- homish. SL'MMONS. Lottie Frantz, plaintiff, vs. George L. Frantz defendant. The state of ,Vashington to the said George L. Frantz. defendant herein: You are hereby summoned to appear within sixty (60) days after the (late of the tirst pub- lication of this summons to wit: within sixty (60) days after the fourtcentb (14th) day of De- cember, A. D. 190i. and defend the above en- titled action in the above entitled court atld answer the complaint of thc plaintiff and scrvc a copy of your answer u0on the undersigned attorney for pbintiff at his office below stated: and in ease'of your failure so to do judgment will be rendercd a,inst ynu according to the demands of the comphtint, which has beell tiled ith the clcrk of saidcourt The object of this action is to.ecure dirorcc and disolutiou of marriiIge, the ('are and c, us- : tody of the daughter of the parties to this action for the said plaintiff, together with an adjudication of property rights, alimony and support of said daugiter, being an eleven year old girl by nume of Elsie Frantz. E. T. BASCOM. Plaintiff's Attorney. P. O. Address. Monroe, Snohomish County. 7Washi ngton. State License o 3. Lady Assistant JOHN F. JERREAD UDERTAER ANB EMBALMER Day and N, ight Service. . ; CUPID'S VICTORY. "Ah, Cuptd, you are sad!" I said. "":PerchanCe you've- found . love nntm. What circumstance of unkirid:fte Can bring this doleful phase to view?" Then Cupid clinched his little fist And fiercely struck his chubby knee. "Oh, sone reformers," he replied, "Have been investigating me! "A widow and  widower :My every art and charm discussed, And subsequently both agreed That I was Just a common truat2" :I later met the:Iittls elf, Who cried Moud in roguish fun, "Oh. say, I married those fresh folks, And their investigation's doe!" --:Perrino Lambert in Woman's I-om* , Companion. A Nutty Joke. Servant--Yus, Colonel Footle, . I caught this 'ere. boy picking nuts in your woods, and he said he was pick- ing 'era for the colonel. Boy--'ell, what did yer think I was to do this much, but they promise to mittee of the County Fair assbclation. "You're too slow for me," declarert ptcklng them for--the shell? write music in both clefs simultane- "Well, I saw this advertisement, and I the prisoner. "What I want is a law- [ ----------- ously In a shoot me.--New York wrote the cbap. IIc give exlHbttions .yer who'll see that I'm acquitted."-- I _l:'zes, . : .................. .4:=,= I and he will be around here next week. Omaha New, .'.. : .............. [ ......... J Mayor--B. L. Moncl:, Councilmen -- J. C. Falconer, N. P. Heintz, John A. Vanasdlell, 1 P. R. J..Stetc  and .Sjostro m. ClerkE. C. Bissell. : TreasurerW. E. ddeii, City AttorneyG. F. Coots, Marshal--S. B. Moore. Deputy Marshal--Gee. W. Head. Police Judge--William Sawyer. Monroe is an incorporated tmyn of 1,600 inhabitant, situated i; Snohomish county, Washington,in" the valley of the Skykomih rive.r, on the lille of the Great Norlhel:n railway, fifteen miles inland from Everett, the county seat, and P nge Sound. It is picturesquely sur- rounded with mountains,bills,river and valleys. It has a water sj"- tern and an electl'ie .lighting plan.g, a state btnk, uid all the mereantiJe lines dud professions are well.rep- resented. CI.IMATE. The climate is mild "tnd does n go to extremes of either heat 9r cold. The ocean currents temper the prevailing winds, and at the sltn,e tinle briug the moisture that lnakes MI vegehition the most lx- urient. The heat ofsummeris not oppressive, and there is not enoug ice or suow in winter to he of any consequence. There are no bliz- zar(ls or cyclones. Good w'Rer is found everywhere, 0% ;n aver!!gc depth of 20 feet. AGRICUL'I URE. The soil is very productive, an'd crops of all kinds do well. Pota- toes, hay and oats are the l)rincipal crops raised for shipment.. Frtdt and vegetables yield abundantl,, The Alaska market keeps price f'. everything high. DAIRYING ANI) WrOCK'RAISING. 1 Puget Sound is the naturalhonm If cattle, as grass is plentiful nine ]months or more, and feeding is of short duration. The number of cattle is steadily increasing. TIMBER AND MILLS. The country is: all heavi'ly tira- bered, yielding hree to eight mil- lion feet to the quarter section, of fir, cedar and hemlock. Numerous logging camps in the vicinity ell- ploy several hundred men all the i year round. The natural lay of the country brings everything, ot' by Monroe from miles aroulfd. Four saw mills and five shingte milIs are operated all the time. ' SOCI.L .ADVANTA EtL Mouroe' has goo d sehobls, grddt from primary to high school, with ten mouths school each year. The religious denominations represented are the Methodist, Congreg'ltion'&i, Swedish Evangelical,. Catholic, and ew Testament Mission church. "I he'fraternal nd secret orls are the Independent Order 5f O:dd'F6t- lows, Rebekahs, Foresters of Amer- ica, Modern Woodmen of America Royal Neighbors of America, Knights of the Maeeale,Lad!es of the Maccabees, and the Trib6T Ben Hur. OPPORTUNITIES. " The opportunities for both-c'api- tal and labor are numeroas :and f substantial nature. The loa'io on the {min line of the GreAt Northern railway insures a market for all manufactured wood pro tucts and the fine quality of it.tuber antd its cheapness furnish the mMerial. In agriculture the scope is wide and promising. Fruit growing and handling will yield a.large return. SmalLfruit' on,:a'few acres offer ep- portunities to, people -ith linlite'd means..Potatoes are very profita- ble. "Truck gardening is in de- mand. Butter and eggs ahvays bring goodpices. Tbedemand for men in the lnilts ancl'logging camps is continually increasing.. LOOKING AIIEAD. For y(mng men the oppottmii- ties offered in Wstern Washington are greater than anywhere in the Unicd State./. Tile climate, th'e soil, the location and the rapist growth of population and wc'dth, will assuredly make this one of the greatest couuLrics bn earth,.