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February 1, 1907     Monroe Historical Society
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February 1, 1907

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%... V0 L. IX. NO. 4 MONROE, SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WASH., FRIDAY; FEBRUARY l, 1907. 81.00 PER YEAI{ Men Wan "&apos;ixings" as well as the ladies• And some of them are just as particular about the little comforts and conveniences that go to make up correct dressing. We .have a full line of . , I00URNIS000000lqGS from stylish Hose to still more stylish Neckwear.. All styles and varieties, but all of the best "quality. Suspen- ders, Gloves. Collars, Cuffs, Handker- chiefs, Umbrellas, and everything the • natty dresser needs. H. H. 00vVELLER SELLS WATEr ERANCItlS[ Monroe Water & Light Com- pany Disposes of Water System to J. [. Doiloff--- Gravity System Will Be in- staled The Monroe Water & Light Com- pany of Monroe, Washington, has as- signed its franchise for the water sup- ply of the town to J. E. Dolloff of this place, and sold its complete system of pipes and mains, with the exception of the pumping station. The present management will con- tinue to pump according to the terms of the franchise until such time as the new gravity system can be success- fully installed, after which the town will have the benefit of as fine a sup- ply of water as any town in the North- west. It is the policy of the new manage- ment to furnish free water uncondi- tionally for all town hydrants, public buildings, and for sprinkling purposes. This can be done when the new system is installed, as there is abundant sup- ply of water at the source of the new system, and the cost of letting it run O.4i,o*a$ :will be nothing as compared with the :lpresent pumping proposition. -  :|J|l l A system of this kind has been - I.J|lM! !! LL WW ,.1_,- $ I much needed by the business men and WoLEsAL a I $ i town in general, and g'ill, when in- "   ! t't !  I1 2: stalled, materially lessen the insurance * ']/ftLI i rates. The pressure that can be se- ; "  cured by the new system will be 110 biONROE, l  WASHINGTON. o pounds, as against the present pres- sure of 90 pouMs, so that all desired force will be at the disposition of the fire department in case of fire, and the supply will be sufficient to meet any emergency. The source of the new supply will be Richardson creek, above the Wag- ner & Wilson mill. The formal trans- fer takes place March 1st. Three Bad Youngsters Three youngsters from Snohomish, ages from 11 to 18, were taken in by Officer Head Monday evening as they drove in from Gold Bar, where they had robbed a Jap of $20. The boys @ @ @ FRESK AND SALTED MEATS FltlESK VEGETABLES @ Always on Hand. i  ° • . v @@@m @@@€@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ had driven up from Snohomish, look-  . - .   mg for adventure, and had gone rata ¢gg$® a Japanese bunk house and extracted i ® the money from a phrse. The theft li OTllf   was diseovered and the officers notified $ Plt |[[DF[[ $ by telephone. When the boys were  hailed, they gave up the money with- : out any questions. The boys' names $ Does First-Glass Shoe $ are Crowe, Shore and Sherman. RpMring a Mode- $ rate Prices and at i Kiled by Dynamite Specified Time. Swan Carlson, 20 years 01d, a nephew i of Andrew Bengtson, was killed at Richmond Beach last Friday, January Located at Monroe Shoe Store } 25th, by an explosion of dynamite,  which he was thawing out while blast- €0o0000€€€0€00€000€0 ing stumps. He was blown all to V ........................  pieces. The remains were brought to illTl /lyhTfll|i: I I M°nr°e and buried Tuesday. He had /|1 Li|rl/OihL I [been here three years, and has a i Ollg a,n P|flQET '  ]brother working at Cherry Valley. I |iIO giU ULUOL/ )lThe funeral was held at theM. E. ............... ,:_  ]church, and was conducted'by Revs. a=ea'°ibeup'i'"es "t Rule and McKean. 4 I Sheet hietal and Tin Work  [ ...... $ done to ot tl.c I + , .... I, From the County records + Sunset Phone 6-t i v'O" ' Warranty Deed--Geo.,e Johnson ' I ]:e et ux to Henry Middlebrook. January I/ill IZi 25, 1907, tract in se section 2-27-6, • door wes of Monitor Office  ]$25. • " ...................... ] Right of Way Agreement--0tto ,. ,50 YEARS" . . - TRADE IIARRS " DESIGNS Anyone sending a sketch and description may qu|ckly ascertain ollr opillion free whether a._ invention is probably patentable. Comrnunle,'- tionsstrietlyeonfidential• IIandbookon Patents ent, free. Oldest lgency for securing patents. Patents taken through Munn & CO. receive @ectat notice, without charge, in the $¢i¢tlI¢ Nmcrical. A handsomelynlnstrated weekly• l,argest cir- culation of any scientific Journal. Terms. $3 a year; four raonths, $K Oldbyall newsdealers. 361Btoadway  M ' '€ • ]Jrawth Oce. t !' St•. ,rashilgte., D• C. Boart et ux to August Holmquist, November 23, 1906, right of way across lot 3 section 8-27-7 for ten years. • Warranty Deed--0tto Bogart et ux to August Holmquist, November 23, 1906, ne of se and se of se section 8- 27-7, $10. Warranty Deed--.Jennie A. Elwell et vjr to Adram H. Demon Sept-3-06 n 20 feet, of lot 8 block 20 Monroe Land & imp. plat of Monroe, $90. Mrs. John Yack is sik at the Prov- idence hospital, EvereR. 0 • o ! A Valuable tome lec00ne $ r @ I Will Break Up a Cold in 24 Hours or Cure + Any Cough that is Curable " I $ * - i @ @ @ t acid, relieving the most obstinate cases of rheumatism and kidney trouble. For this purpose the treatment is very sim- ple: a few drops on loaf sugar taken night and morning. Mix one-half ounce of concentrated oil of pine with two ounces of glycerine and a half pint of good whisky. Shake thoroughly and use in tablespoon doses every four hours. The renowned throat and lung specialist who established a camp for consumptives in the pine woods of Maine. and whose remarkable cures there attracted international atten- tion, declares that the above formula is one of the very best remedies obtainable for an acute cold and that it wiil strengthen the lungs, relieve coughs and heal the 5ranch]el tubes. Also, that it will cure any case of lung trouble not too far advanced if the patient will assist by plenty of out- door exercise, inhaling deep, long breaths every few minu Les. The ingredients are procurable of any gem prescription druggist and easily mixed at home. and should take its place as one of tie most valued remedies in the family medicine <:hest. !nquiry at one of the leading druggists elicited the in- formation that Concentrated oil of pine is put up for dispens- ing only in half-ounce vials securely sealed " round screwtop cases intended to protect it from hea+ .d light. The oils sold in bulk and the patent medicim put up and labeled "0il of Pine," are to be avoided because, owing to their im- purities, they produce nausea and are useless as a medicine; besides they sometimes leave permanent kidney trouble. Make sure to get the "Concentrated" oil of pine in a screw- top case and you will have the real article. It has also proven a perfect neutralizing agent for uric Additional Locals About four inches of snow last night caused the mills and camps to shut down today• The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. John Bachelder died Wednesday after- noon at 4 o'clock. Mrs. B. S. Elwanger underwent an operation for appendicitis at the Sno- homish hospital Tuesday afternoon, and is reported progressing as favor- ably as could be expected. The regular monthly meeting of the Commercial Club occurs next Tuesday evening at the city hall. hnportant matters are to come up, and there should be a large attendance. Rev. Edward 01son will conduct ser- vices at the Swedish church Saturday evening, February 2nd, at 8 o'clock, and Sunday, February 3rd, at 3:00 and 7:30 p.m. Everybody welcome. Ralph Moran, 15 gears old, died Wednesday at the family home in Cherry Valley, after a short illness with typhoid fever. He was a son of the late Peter Moran of Seattle, and was buried there this afternoon. A bowling team composed of W. C. White, Thos. W. Stranger, Arthur Mc- Gill, Dan Dawley and William Farmer went down to Snohomish Wednesday evening to play a series of games with The Palm team of that city. The Monroe team won by 190 points. This morning the weight of snow on the wires carried down an electric light wire of the Seattle-Tacoma Power Company at Snohomish onto the Farm- ers telephone wire, burning out cen- tral and breaking connection with Snohomish with all outside points. The operators had a lively time for a few minutes. Wm. McKeough of Snohomish is in the city. Being in Redmond, a small town on the N. P., and having a piece of land to cruise in the direction of Monroe, he left on foot yesterday morning, did the cruising, and arrived in Monroe shortly before noon today, traveling in a heavy snowstorm a la:ge )art]on of the way. Two North Carolinians engaged in m affray of honor at the Washington Bar last evening, and one of them re- ceived a stab with a knife. As the stabber.was about as badly cut from the corked shoes of tile other, it was decided to call the matter square, and they both left for camp before any l at'rcss were made. Repairing Pilchuck Bridge Road Supervisor W. L. Bentley gives notice that cn account of repairs be- ing made on the Pilchuck bridge on the Monroe-Snohomish road, the bridge will be open only from 5 p. m. to 8 a. m. and from 12 to 1 at the noon hour. It is expected the repairs will take about ten days. The Par| Guillotine. No convicts have been guillotined in Paris for ten years, and the sentences of those condemned to death have been commuted to imprisonment for life. The reason for this lies In the fact that the taw provides that all oll capital executions shall be held in } public, and since the guillotine was re- moved from fhe Place de la Boquette ten years ago no other place has been , found for it. The residents in the neighborhood of every peace suggest- ed object to its-erection near them• The authorities were lately put in a quandary when a condemned man re- fused to ask for a commutation of his sentence and declared that they must put him to death• The Most Important Years. "The reent death of Carl Sehurz calls to mind," says Enos Clarke of St. Louis, Me., "a conversation wtfl Mr. Schurz some years since while in St. Louis, when he spoke of his return a few years previous to Germany and efa long and friendly interview with Prince Bismarck• During thls inter- view the prince asked Mr. Schurz hls age, and on being answered that he was then nearing his seventieth birth- day the prince quickly replied, "Let me telI you, General Schurz, that the first seventy are the most important years of one's life•" Rifles For the Philippines. Colonel Frank H• Phipps, command - ing oflfider of the United States armory at Springfield Mass. has received or- ders from "Washington to issue as soon ns convenient 25,000 of the 1903 model rifles, commonly known as he new Springfield rifles, for the use of the troops no stationed in the Philip- pines• These guns will all be supplied ? with the new knife bayonet, and will t1, replace the Krag-Jorgensen guns with rod bayonets, which the troops are us- lng at present. Both Different. "This bread," rem.arked young 'ed- derly at breakfast tahle, "is nothing like the bread my mother made." "And you," calmly rejoined Mrs. Wedderly, "are nothing like the man my father was."--Columbus Dispatch• One Consolation. Undertaker--I .suppose you hated tc lose that rich patient? Doctor--VeI1, no. I knew his heirs would pay my bill a great deal more cheerfully than he would if I had saved him.--New York Press. I Gay Sumner Yhlower. De Style--I suppose keeplng your wife In .the country is expensive'? Gunbusta--" Oh, yes; I go to a dinner, smoker or theater almo,t every night bNew Yerk Life. • 1 HAVE TIlE ]':XCLUSIVE SA'LE * . . 0. @ O $ i + Fer &ag,ea ad gfsse + ® € Guara.  '', to e')rrode nor to break " @ + +e ; .<;===..=.w + ': ¢%x, .  oo .2..  "  o ;: ,-' ; , -e., ,- ,+. :+.+++.o+..o+.+.++++++++++ &+++++++:: K-- i Every Of "' Just One:Half Off Closing Out the Line PEAF4SALL HOTEL MONROE, VeASH. I(. J. STIETGH, Proprietor The Leading Hotel in the City. Headquarters for Traveling Men. Runner Meets All Trains. EUROPEAN OR A]ERICAN PLAN MRS. VAN HORN WASHINGTO HOTEL ]FIRST CLASS DI00ESSi00AI[ING :I b The patronage of the ladies of IIonroe and vicinity is so- licited and satisfimtion guaranteed.  • •  0 The Best Flour Made on Pacific Coast '> Call for Special Prices on Bbl. Lots WARNER & HARRIS ¢ MONROE CASH STORE + + Sole Agents for Monroe > TS--IIIIIIIT III!I The following Standard Brands of Cough Syrup guaranted or money refunded" Dr. King's New Discovery Ballard's Horehound Syrup Chamberlain's Vrilbur's Jayne's Kennedy's Foley's obrt's 0 @ @. @ @ $ €. € • O @ o @ @ @