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January 18, 1973     Monroe Historical Society
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January 18, 1973

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Page Two, Monitor,. Monroe:'VCA. Januar IS, 1973 omment... (The following is a true story and the names are not contained -- to protect the bureaucrats. --Editor.) Then there's the one about the Monroe area resident who swung into the Snohomtsh County Court House the other day to obtain a buildlng permit. This is how he relayed the recent incident. As it was explained: "You see, you need a building permit to build a barn. And that's what I wanted to build on my one acre lot -- a barn, put a fence around it and let my horse stay there. "So I went to the county building depart- ment. I walked in and told them my plan. ThatDs when this girl behind the counter said I'd need a driveway permit. "I said, 'lady, I don't need one -- all I'm going to build is a barn and put a fence around it." But she insisted that that's one of the things the form required and that I had to fill it in. "I tried to reason with her, but she refused. l finally declined to argue the point any further and asked where I could obtain the required information. "She said to Just go down the hall to room number such and such -- so I did. "When I walked into the office in which no posing or something. "I told him that the people down the hall sent other customers were there, I stood around the health department. for several minutes before the busy looking "I said, 'Sanitation PermttI employees acknowledged my presence. "Finally this guy came to the counter and said, 'yea, what do you want?', like I was im- me to get a driveway permit and about how I tried to explain that all I was going to do was build a barn, put a fence around it and let my horse stay there and I didn't think I would need it. '*The guy said, 'yea,' and walked about the of- rice collecting a number of different forms. He returned with a fist full of documents for me to fill out and said, 'Oh, all you're going to do is build a barn and put a fence around it -- well, you don't need these.' and I said that's what I thought too, but they wouldn't listen to me down the hall. "Then he said, 'but, they will ask you for a street address.'. I told him the plat number and he checked a big map and rattled off a bunch of numbers and said that would be the ad- dress. I said 'thanks,' and left. "Upon re-entering the office the girl look- ed up and said 'oh, you're back.'. I said yes, and that the people down the hall said I didn't need a driveway permit. She said that if it was o.k. with them, it was o.k. with her. "She took my application and looked it over, then glanced up at rr e and said, 'you need a street address.'. "I said ah, I got you on that one. The fellow down the hall gave it to me -- its bla, bla, bla. "She said fine that should pretty well do it, now all you need is a sanatitatlon permit from What the heck PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY Entered as Second Class Matter at the Pdst how to sit and go potty'. ". It appears us that this is an example of Office at Monroe, Washington, under the Act bureaucratic red tape at it's very best. of March 3, 1898. Viewpoint for, all I'm going to do is build a barn for my horse.' She said it made no difference, I It is winter on Puget Sound. It is a time that is often frightening, often comforting, andlonely needed a sanitation permit, contrasts sharply with the three month summer in its effect. "By this time, mind you, I was getting pretty of boats and sails, and sea and sun. Now the A few fishing boats hover at the edge of sight discouraged to say the least. In fact I had gotten boats are stored away along with the sails, and against a pattern of pilings and white nothing- there about 1 p.m. and it was getting close to the sun is without warmth when it appears, and nest. In the distance comes the mournfull 4:30. So hot under the collar is probably a more the sea is often rough and it is always cold. call of a seagull which heightens the silence. accurate description of my feelings. But, I When it is not "storming, and when it is not And in the silence is a mourning for the clinched my fist and said to myself, 'temper, raining, then there is often the fog. The fog summer to come. temper. '. "I said, 'look lady, I'll get a sanitation permit --Staff Photo by Howard M. Voland if you'll promise to come out and teach my horse MEMBER 1Q V T i m hn r Dn rm II Monroe Police Officers made two county prosecutors office. JL,J/g /IIIIU / / llllltO IMUb arrests and assisted the Everett The Everett Police Department T, Police Department on two cases requested Monroe's assistance in ..... involving controlled substances last serving search warrants to Marscal Alaoclation - Founded 1885 ..................... -~ ~-'~t, ........... C D • ro..a .... ,.11 u ......... , week hie, .C. Nauman reported, and Frank Holcomb at 115 S. Kel- ........................... u an said a onroe Juvenile soy and Karen and Curtis Griggs mggmgoperamrs mat omce m earo wooney wa- refArred to the You'h ...... .... SUB I-O t 1::2 pTe:m t: exr" ttoll gct : 9 pplttema- Centers for connection tn' three bur- Them a., Holcomb,saUU.-eb were arrested in Monroe, Skykomlsh and Snoqualmte Valleys, per t s 1 year $5.00. Outside Monroe, Skykomtsh and ..... ......... - .......... - glaries their apartment for possession Snoqualmle Valleys $6.00. Official Newspaper P uex emoer o,. oer u ung 'erm s. " M 9 ............... Robert arttn of 50 S Lewis of controlled substance when five owner or oper- Wall ,',enlm Yuuuior S a " a of the City of Monroe and Town of Skykomlsh. _ ................ .............. treet w s served with a w ,rant lids of marijuana were found in the a~ur p mmtng nat- mrmer tnIorma tun a d arr st-- f r -ur "a om " " Monroe,Address Washiqgtonall mall to 98272.Post Office Box No. 399, vest timber in 1973 or for the location of ..... e ar o igal ttr n .- apartment. .... • ...... n .... m ece oe . r tn S me The Grlggs were arrested later Editor & Publisher .......... Howard Voland oro ved ura ' esources 'fle d owner of the Monroe Trading Post under the same charges, according Office Manager .......... A1thea Hendrlckson - and ball was set at $I, 500 to Nauman tlng Permit before man in the valleys ......... " .... • Advertising ................ Bruce Healy beglnntn- cutting op wour sates wttt oe set oy me News. Zdt,tor.............. Dick Baldwiq - o i ' III I U II II [ i I I I IIIII II • STATEMENT ( I ONDITION : i HOME OFFICE ~ " • i December 31, 1972 ?:" Prog1972"'" a Yeard Ofs " : December 31, ross an erv ce • Assets ...... 1971 • J --- J -- : It was a wonderful year, in many ways. • Cash on Hand and m Banks $ 599,560 73 • " ............... I $ 454,950.29 J ' : New families in new communities in the SOUTH EVERETT BRANCH South Broadway ,, Ward /~,'~'~r~ • F rst Mortgage Loans and Contracts 56,351,502 07 Pu et Sound coun r m d 355-6010 " . ......... J 71,241,236.58 J ' . g t y j "no the First Federal w • Other Loans ....... : ............. I 1,951,156.48 I 1,094,835.98 • family of savers, and more families than • . ...... l ,, I 6 148 90° 92 : ever entrusted their savings to us in the • xnves~men~ Decurll~les ................. j ~ ,u~o,u~.-~.oo I , , o. . • ~ . , • - ......... 43 113 99 . areas we nact servect oemre. • Other Investments .................. I 1,'11 ,471. Z I ' " • " "h " r rn " • ,-, ........... I J 432 700 00 During e year, our cus ome s ea ea a in veaeral rlome Loan r anK , . • . ............ j o .v,ovv.vv j " . record $3,612,000 on their savings, the Real Estate Owned and m Judgment 13,022 33 . ARLINGTON BRANCH ~ • . ......... J 66,943.12J • . largest 12-month interest distribution in our . ............. I I . In June, we took the giant step of opening : I I . our first office outside Snohomish County. • Liabilities and Net Worth J J : The Federal Way branch, which moved EDMONDS STANCH " Savings Accounts I$73,973,528.60J $59,062,357 69 . into its permanent office in December, Third and Main lin~,~I •. ---. o. !-. J (ooooon J oon'oo " serves a South King" County area w th" • ' .................. I __ ..... I ...... 0^ . more man oo,uuu peopm, m me prmg, Advances from FHLB 1oo,ooo o . ................. I lO0,O00.O0I ' our eighth office will open in Redmond--an : Other Borrowed Money ................ [ 2,500,000.00J -- : area of 25,000 people. - : Other Liabilities ................... J 1,514,914.27I 1,288,556.60 : Surely, the thousands of families who • Specific Reserves ................... [ 14,542.19 I 13,380.96 ". save with First Federal do so because their MABYSVILLE BRANCH : ..... I 9 a. n a.q7 70 J 9. a79. ala 61. savings are so safe here, while they earn the 8. ,nd M. Center • ............................ I :'=:=: i : highest available rate--5% on passbook ~59.~2o~ /"-"~ . . ............ J 2,{518,321.03 J ..... . accounts, and 6% on certificate accounts, !t . Undzv ded Profits and Surplus to • $66,627,629 43 • corn ounded dail For a sure thin in TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET WORTH • I$85,455,572.98J • p y. g-- : : these sometimes uncertain times--that's • , : pretty hard to beat. : s SNOHOMISH BRANCH /-~. o 902 Second ..... ~ 568-2151 ' ,~"~ ~" • • • g FEDERAL WAY BRANCH * CLIFFORD E. GISH HOWARD M. NICHOLSON' : t~-,~^,,~__ _ ~ 1300S. 320th * ALFRED O. HOLTE STEPHEN C. SAUNDERS • ,N~j ...:~'----~'~ -~ s,,-o2oo • RoY S,EVZRS i ROBZR, M. HvM; e s int/ • ~: FIRST FEDERAl i IAVINGS REDMOND BRANCH • I~]~ll 8016 184th N.E, * ~~070 : OF EVERETT A Mutual Savings Institution. 38 Years Safe, $85,000,000 Strong • Mare Office. Colby at Everett Avenue 259-0231 .': Branches: Arlington, Edmonds, Federal Way, Marysville, Redmond, Snohomish, South Everett |