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January 11, 1973     Monroe Historical Society
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January 11, 1973

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Pace Twot Monttori, Monroei-WA. January 1L i9'73 ' f Ir r • 1972 Stamp Folders Now At Post Office Some 30 Monroe area residents P U B L I S H E D E V E R Y T H U R S D A Y from your met to discuss ways of helping end Entered as Second Class Matter at the Pdst' the Vietnam war recently according Office at Monroe, Washington, under the Act A 1972 Commemora- to Wayne Whtsnaut, chatrm n of the INSTALLED-- of March 3, 1898. ttve Stamp Folder is group. (For Auto and Home) available at the Mon- Whisnaut said rumors that the MONROE HARDWARE MDdBER roe Post Office, Post- Monroe group was affiliated with an master William Boyes Everett anti-war group were not L Once upon a time there were three branches announced, true. He said representatives of R of federal government in the United States. The kits are 8 1/2 the Everett group attended the meet- AuoclMIon. Founded 18@$ They were the legislative, meaning Congress; by 11 and contain a des- ing and presented a petition which Hearing Aid Repairs the executive, meaning the Presidency, and the cription of each stamp among other items, called for the th .... t r SUB ON - judicial, meaning the Supreme Court. along with a packet of tmveachment of President Ntxon ..... --. t, • u,, makes anQ rnoael$ Monroe, Skykomish and Snoqualmte Valleys, per' All were theoretically created equal. Divided 31 Commemorative We did not invite this group to $4. 75 p]us par= year $5.00. Outside Monroe, Skykomtsh and powers were supposed to check and balance the stamps issued during the. mee.ting,jan.d, we did not endorse Complete overhauls avallable Snoqualmie Valleys $6.00. Official Newspaper whole, so no one branch would ever become dtc-1972. metr acuon, wmsnautsata, now- 20%discountforSeniorCittzen, the City of Monroe and Town-of Skykomtsh. tatorial. Generally our constitutional system The album features ever, some people have beenaccus- and children has worked even though one branch has some- the first U.S. stamp ing us of being connected with the Free estimates Address all mail to Post Office Box No. 399, times become more equal than the others. For t. ued in 1847 and con- Everett group -- that's simply not Monroe, Washtqgton 98272. Editor & Publisher .......... Howard Voland instance, Harry Truman was regarded as a talus a likeness of true." bUJPIU|U I "strong" President. Earl Warren headed an act-Benjamin Franklin The Monroe gathering discussed a ....... Office Manager .......... Althea Hendrickson, ivist Supreme Court. Lyndon Johnson r.nd Sam first Postmaster Gen- number of ideas and settled on three 2805 Colby Avenue Advertising ................ Bruce Healy • News Editor .............. Dick Baldwin Ra burn were "strong') congressional leaders, eral of the U.S. general steps of action. Everettr Wash. 252_°8762 i , . . For better or worse, Richard Nixon is a The albums are dis- They include: purchasing an ad- - "strong', President. He has gathered into the played in the lobby of verttsement in the local news media executive branch as much power as he can find.the Monroe Post Of- to urge Congress to cut offfundsfor . .., .... t. me war; . Much of this power has been obtained from the rice, and they sell for *" ,uue0 rullypatente¢l. k. O m m e n other two branches of government, one way or $3. The stamps have Circulating a petition supporting iBl lil r Jl I another. Ntxon used his appointive power to a face value of $2.40 the actions taken by Congressman I stack the Supreme Court with non-activists, and the album is 60 Lloyd Meeds. A telegram to the / ili.. He used his so-called "executive privilege' cents, group from Meeds stated that he It is a quiet kind of Insidious threat that out- and freezing of appropriated funds to undercutThis year there are supported the House Democratic sin r, 0tJ,t.Pump= 'i i] see thru mounts to hold Caucus in its efforts to cut off fund- |hO fllef#[ I wardlYscrutinyappearSis foundt°tobethreatenJUSttfled'onebUtofUponourCl°serbastc approval.C°ngress" He waged war without Congressional the stamps in the fold- ing for the war; CoN in or ph0ne ~[ Constitutional freedoms: freedom of the press.Well, you may ask, what's new about this? er and they should pro- And finally the group agreed to That threat is constituted by a series of moves Strong Presidents have historically tried to vide an excellent way circulate a second petition urging Monroe Hordworo I by the Nixon admtntstration to curtatl and hamper increase their powers. What's new is this: for collectors to pro- Senators Magnuson and Jackson to e, SPORTING GOOl I the free press. There is for the first time widespread alarm tect their stamps, support efforts to cut off war funds. Mon]roe-- p g-ce 't r [ This threat goes back several years to Vice that Congress may not be capable of regain- Boyes said. Future meeting plans depend on President Agnew's attacks on the media, es- ing powers that have shifted to the executive, the outcome of the latest round of - pecially those unfavorable to administration I believe Congress can re-assert itself and prove peace talks in Paris. =, policy. They can also be traced in the increas- more responsible to the public than Nixon has tug trend toward secrecy in governmental af-been. But not without far-reachingreforms. ---- ---- fairs. There is an old saying that the longer Con- DNR Tells New Number This secrecy is most prevalent in the War ingressmen stay in office the more they like the Southeast Asia, where the "threat to the peace seniority system. Well, this is my ninth year | Funeral Home | 441 Mafn Monroe, Wash 98272 talks" cliche is used to shield almost all public representing the Second Dtstrlct and I still Beginning Januaryl0, lows the caller totalk t ,, ' " disclosures of our recent actions there. With-don't like the seniority system. But this yearthe Department of Na- to the Northwest area S i out information, the American public is unable I think we may have the votes to do somethingtural Resources will Office at SedroWool- / ere ng others as we would to clearly and intelligently arrtve at their own about it. have a newphonenum- Icy without charge, wish to be served . ." | conclusions concerning the American presence During a series of caucuses over the next ber in the Monroe- All forest fires C W. Ke, Gen. M r ) in Vietnam. few weeks, House Democrats will try to realignSultan vicinity, should be reported on • , g . This inability gives the Nixon administration Congress internally to be more responsive. NotThe number wilt De this number I: I free reign to do as it sees fit with the old "we more efficiently necessarily, but more res-Zenith 7000 and at- Monroe 794-7049 - Carnation 333-4179 can't tell you why, but we know best" routine,ponsive. As far as the Whtte House is concerned, The American public lacks the facts to log- the most efficient thing that Congress can do is ically refute present administration policy, and leave town. But that is not the way our Found- the Congress is unable to get the information Ing Fathel's drew up the Constitution. We don't that it desires. For this, there is no excuse,need a dictatorship, efficient though it may be. The Nixon administration is now conslderlng Let's say Congress reforms itself. What legislation which would require local stationshappens next? First, the Congress may re- to monitor network news reports. This in- assert itself on its Congressional duty te de- , nocuous sounding piece of legislation would in war. We have been bombing Southeast effect give thepresent administration a good 1 sta ever since I came to Congress in 1964. size club to ho|d over TV news broadcasting. and Congress has never yet declared wai', Yet Any broadcasting station could have its license revoked if it failed to "monitor') network news thts oryn:e lared tcSs htee:t° ge tvein broadcasts to the satisfaction of the adminis-tax dollars. • tration. As the Freedom of Information Com- Secondly, the federal budget. Speaking can- 72 Vegn Wogon [mpulu Custom mtttee of the American Society of Newspaper didly, I was ashamed last Fall when Congress Tinted Glass, Vinyl Editors put it: nearly succumbed to election-year pressures. 4 Speed, Radio "There is only one appropriate word for this Ntxon, in one of the propaganda coups of Roof, Tilt Wheel, type of system: censorship." modern history managed to blame Congress Hydromatic, Power Another interesting note is that a group of for his own budget deficits. If there is budget- Steering, Power Brakes. persons close to the President has brought suit cutting to be done, Congress must do it. against subsidiary stations of the WashingtonAlso, the questton of fund impounding. A1- " Post for some theoretical violation of some reg- though the nation, acting through the Congress, Stock #3858 #2240 ulatton. The Washington Post has always been an has declared it national policy to clean up the outspoken critic of the present administration, environment, progress is stalled. Congress ap- , Probably nothing represents theNtxonadmin- proprtated the money to fund the new Water 1972 Kingswood tstratton's disdain for the press better than a Pollution Control bill. But the President re- recent nationally distributed ptcture of the press fuses to spend it. He has also refused to spend corps sitting at a picnic table in the rain out- needed highway funds, agricultural funds, educa- side of Camp David awaiting word on Presiden- ti funds . . you name it. Congress must act. Pltm Tax & License ttal Cabinet shuffles. In the background Is a Down P1m Tax & License all comes back to reform. Without more $157.45 $281 large comfortable trailer for the use of White responsiveness Congress could very well be- House Press Secretary, Ron Ziegler. No come, as oneauthorputtt, the"saplessbranch,, Per Month . Month member of the press was invited inside, nor wereof government. With your support, I think we any other facilities besides a picnic table of- can do much better than that. We must. Deferred Payment Price $236 . 92. Deferred Payment Price $4608.00. fered to the members of the press. 42 Months at $56.26 Per Month At 42 Monthl At $97.81 Per month at President Ntxon's distrust for the press is 12o/o Annual Percentage Rate Stock #3936 12% Annual Percentage Rate long, deepseated and unfortunate. Thts dis- Stock#2531 trust has caused a schism between the Presi- dent and the press when there should be close cooperation and understanding. Freedom of the Graham Lang, Dr- Fort Wright College press is essential to a free society, and now we rector of High School ts located near down- are facing a grave threat to that fundamental -College Relations at town Spokane and ts freedom. Under no circumstances, no matter Fort Wright College a private four-year what the Justification, can this basic freedom will meet with stu- liberal arts college be allowed to slip away. dents and counselors for men and women at Monroe High School with residence fac- - ............ --By Howard M. Voland at 9 a.m. January 16. ilittes for women. 1970 1972 Chevrolet " " ' ' 4 Wheel Drive 2 Door Hardtop Air Conditioning, Pickup Stereo Radio, Vinyl Top, Cruise Control. r s Stock #3883 Stock #3920 Stock #3931 h Boat ownem steer s w,. course when they bring their Chinook sailing or power vessels under the Safeco roof of com- plete protection. Safeco will insure that nothing is overlooked: your hull, 10'6" #2 Package, Self Contained, 18+ MOTOR HOME EDITOR: your motor, your =mils, your trailer-- the entire boat and Totlet, Shower, Heater, Gas/Elec- Toilet, Shower, Heater, Air its equipment. We'll do it without pressure or pain-- trtc Refrigerator Conditioning, Hydromattc The Monroe Fire Department would like to take and, quite likely, we'll show you a money saving as well. this opportunity to thank you the patrons of the City and District for their generous responseto Rea Jty the fund drive of the Department for its social and welfare fund. Your donations, be theylarge Insurance s ok #2485 Stock #2538 O or small, are greatly appreciated by the members of the Department. These funds are All Financing Contingent On Approval of Credit used for various activities for the betterment of the Department which can not come out of City or District budgets. Hopefully tn the coming year the Department will be able to hold its annual beef raffle at Fair time to raise these necessary funds. With gratitude, Monroe Fire Department Jim Crawford, Chief