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January 11, 1968     Monroe Historical Society
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January 11, 1968

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Page Eight, Monitor, Monroe, Wash., Jan. 11,1968 Hellol Again Folks How about some more of those delicious Cinnamon Roll. Friday and Saturday  ' SPECIALI  d-ozo. 49  I Have you tried our I  Ra. isin or Cmnamon Bread  Yummyl at ,,=  ..... 35 loaf monroe H Bk Monroe ome a ery shopping Center Registered Holstein Production Levels Rated Lifetime milk and butterfat production levels for Registered Holstein cows in this area have been announced by Holstein-Friesian Associat- ion of America. The individual animals have been credited with career production totals ex- ceeding 100,000 lbs. of milk under official test- ing supervision. Because of current replacement heifer rearing and purchase costs, cows that stay in the herd longer and achieve high lifetime production have proven to be more profitable. The Holstein Association has more than 26,800 cows on file that have attained the 50-ton production mile- stone. Local Holstein breeders and their long-time producers reported by the organization include: Wastate Monroe Hello De Kol 4861774, 132,- 440 lbs. of milk and 3,922 lbs. of butterfat in 2,747 days; Wastate GHS Governor Fayne Ann 4321265 (GP), 126,993 lbs. of milk and 4,328 lbs. of butterfat in 3,143 days; Wastate GHS Progressor Prilly 4321264, 124,967 lbs. of milk and 3,758 lbs. of butterfat in 2,808 days; Wastate Monroe Leader Ellen 4193950 (GP), 122,970 lbs. of milk and 4,003 lbs. of butterfat in 3,113 days. All are owned by Farm In- dustries, Monroe. BONELESS stead 4908499, 104,226 lbs. of milk and 3,452 lbs. of butterfat in 2,106 days. Day Young Rhonda Butter Girl 4682903 (GP), 101,464 lbs. of milk and 3,330 lbs. of butterfat in 2,686 days; Day-Young Homestead Carlotta 5117136 (GP) 100,376 lbs. of milk and 3,586 lbs. of butterfat in 2,198 days. All are owned by Darrell D. Ricct, Monroe. Skykomtsh Iris Burke 4367750 (VG}, 120,592 lbs. of milk and 3,952 lbs. of butterfat in 2,899 days; Skykomlsh Dandy Burke 4367746 (GP) 119,719 lbs. of milk and 4,367 lbs. of butterfat in 2,869 days; Skykomtsh Governess Madonna 4116018 (VG), 116,956 lbs. of milk and 4,476 lbs. of butterfat in 3,201 days; Skykomish Golden Mistress 4128619 (VG), 108,308 lbs. of milk and 4,302 lbs. of butterfat in 3,174 days; Sky- komish Ida Falls Gypsy 4631748 (VG}, 104,219 lbs. of milk and 3,788 lbs. of butterfat in 2,350 days. All are owned by Donald A. Steffen of Monroe. The Holstein Association's testing program Dav Young Carlotta Homestead 4613659 (VG} also includes provisions for determining the 119,710 lbs. of milk and 4,114 lbs. of butterfat SNF (solids-not-fat} nutrients, such as protein, in 2,594 days; Dav Young Joy Arizonan 4635661 lactose and minerals, found below the cream- (EX), 104,756 lbs. of milk and 4,0171bsof butter- line of milk. This solids-not-fat output is fat in 2,960 days; Day-Young Loratne Home- credited to the lactation records of individual FULL CUT Sirloin Tip Steaks Round Steak u.0.--, sl Aged for Flavor and Tenderness U.S.D.A. Choice Aged Beef C Seafood Specials/ Trimmed Fish Cakes .,,,. ,=39c WasteFree '" lb. Oy " ''" Fresh stets ,,,. ,., 75  Beef Rump Roast u0,Cho,,, ,b. 83 c Ground Round o.,v.,,...,, lb. 79 Sliced U.S. Choice  Pork Steaks glade Shoulder 49 c Beef Shanks ,,. 49 Cut, Grain Fed lb. Chunk Bologna "" Delicious lb. 49 C Boneless Pork Pork Shoulder,.,, , 49  .... I" Ground Beef aml /weaT LOQT Pure Pork Sousage lb. 59 c Ifalnbut" Whole or Ocean Cough, ,k. 39  Smoked Lnnks" ..,.," ,,,. Sfd Treat Roast o. 75 c u c [nO P ne00, Stewing Chicken -_ 5 ,h98 c PieceBacon ,0049 cows, in the same manner as total milk and butterfat production. Tqtal nutrient testing was started in 1962 by the Holstein Association to provide breeders with another selection tool for improving the over-all performance of cattle tn their dairy herds. It is also a useful measure of milk's food value for dairy products processors and homemakers. The animals and their actual production lev- els are: Wastate Monroe Roger Betty 4924348, a six- year-old Registered Holstein, has credits of 24,790 lbs. of milk, 997 lbs. butterfat and 2,115 lbs. solids-not-fat in 365 days; Wastate Norlum Hope Melaine 4521812, an eight-year-old, had produced 23,660 lbs. milk, 951 lbs. butterfat and 2,105 SNF in 365 days; Wastate Monroe Ike Una 5788996, a three-year-old, had produced 25,170 lbs. milk, 857 lbs. butterfat and 2,259 lbs. SNF in 365 days; Wastate Monroe Donna 4614422, an eight year old had produced 22,820 lbs. milk, 797 lbs. butterfat and 1,913 lbs. SNF in 365 days; Wastate Monroe Gus Leona 5409330 a five year old had produced 22,560 lbs. milk, 765 lbs. butterfat and 1976 lbs. SNF in 365 days. All are owned by Farm Industries of Monroe. Rtcville Grandter Julie 5713259 a three year old registered holstein cow, owned by Darrell D. Rtccl, Monroe produced 18,450 lbs. milk, 659 lbs. butterfat and 1,567 lbs. SNF in 365 days. In addition, registered Holstein cows have established new lactation averages for milk and butterfat production. Monroe State Dairy Farm, has 125 completed production records averaging 17,968 lbs. of milk and 600 lbs. of butterfat. Donald Steffen of Steffen Farms has 49 com- pleted production records averaging 16,587 lbs. of milk and 604 lbs. of butterfat. To provide a uniform means of comparing Registered Holstein herd performance, lactation averages are reported on the industry standard, two mllktngs per day, 305-day, mature equival- ent basis. These production levels compare favorably to the average U. S. cow's annual production of 8,513 lbs. of milk and 315 lbs. of butterfat. Washington State University supervised the sampling and production testing procedures in cooperation with the official herd testing pro- grams of the national Holstein Association. Res!dent Succumbs y woman, Survivors are her Mrs. Norma M. Eng- husband, Ted; a son, lert, 57, of .Pute 3, Willtam ofWalnutCreek Snohomish, died Jan- California; her father, uary 5 at her home with Carl K. Ptchler, Route funeral services held 3; three brothers, Leo, Monday in Snohomish, John and Carl Pichler, Mrs. Englert was bern all of Route 3, and three on June 20, 1910, in sisters, Mrs. Joe Car- Ktel, Wisconsin. She son, Lancaster, Caltf- lived in the Snohomish ornta, Mrs. Jim Jones, area for many years Seattle and Mrs. I before moving to Cal- James Taper, Hermis- Chunk Tun A6 $100 tfornla, returning to ton, Oregon. Sea V2-oz. More Big Values. / Look at These Values Route 3 last October. r,J . I'(" Safeway Ground l-lb. qklTrader  Cans I bag ..otTee 2-|b. Bogq.132.|b. Con I-Ib.Bag 57 c VluudrmlrAnh/lql iq;UIDWIIIE' GardensideDolicieus 7 ,,-c_,]00 License Sale Begins Swifts Chic" Whole---- Edwards Coffee ,,.. c. 63 c '  r Canned C . Hot ,,., Nallev s Ch,l" ""-3 ,,.,Rt,l | Hotorhg. ConsV  Vehicle license tabs for 1968 went on sale  HI HI 3-1b. 6-oz. jr F0shers Zoom ,.,.., ,. 29 /' I January 2, the Department of Motor Vehicles " " " Bathroom Aop: TronlisCut ,o s O0il reminds Washington motorists. Hi C D r i b A $1 O0 Dixie DispenSerc.,. ,oc., ,. 89 c aragus ,.. 4 00.Zcans 1 Renewal notices ,"pre-b.l', were ma00ed la.t week to the owners of Washington's 2.1 million n Assorted 46-oz. " " """'* dClams "1'1 I I lh, eulP Flavors  Cans U Dixie Refills 0""49c Mnnce A $ 00 registered vehicles. 1967 tabs will be invalid Cans after January 30. Salt Sale/ Tabs, not new license plates, will be issued  Jell Weln ,in Ao CI ch d again year, Motor Vehicles Director Douglas am Gelatins, Choice o 3-OZ. C Plain or 26-oz. Uoxsee 1S-oz. Sno Whnte Salt ,0,,,., Pkg. loo am ow ero.,,,,ou,4 Sll *' Cons Toms emphasized. II Assorted Flavors U u Pkgs.  J C,o,. The cost of the new yellow-on-red passenger Onion Salt c.,..y 4 ,,.o,,, SlOe Dnnenle, M;v KitchonCrafl 4-,b.49 c car tabs will range from $10.60 on older cars |U||,UR |W|mA Easy,oU. Pkg.  $524.60. The average motorist pays between rn e | LaLani, Chunks j[ m .... ('! nn ,... , s]0o KI/" Maple 21.oz.90 $25 and $30, which includes the basic $8.60 llnD/,lrrlD Tidbits '''-oZ-lUU CelerySalt co,., 4 ,. Pa( rain rip..., ,,,.-.- 1 .rCrushed  Cans U  p Crackers fee plus atwo percent excise tex. |m u u,  Ie  Garlic" Salt Crowncolon, 4 3zJars s loo lusyBakor ,4,oc Boaters Advised c,.w. ,..SlOO Sou o,,,,, ,k.7 Seasoning Salt ,.,..,4 ,.,, CI Liq id BI h Xolfc C. L. Barlow. Sno- owned by him. The homish County Asses- new law places the orox u eac ol./,.1 sor, has announced that responsibility on the all owners of taxable taxpayer and omatoes Red Ripe Premium Size Tube of 4 25 Green Peppers  10 Moated Each Sweet Tangelos . to 75; Peel lb. Large Eggplant sew Crop . 29 jr Ripe Anjou Pears u and lb. 19, Garden 10 JRomeApples I IFnl. RllabagaiFres h lb. Large lbl I w=C.: ' I 'ro'h'u'h'''" o,,m, II I .= n. : pure o.J. Qt. . I 93 L_ "'_ $1_9R I -'-'" "" From Florida Btl. " .... Regular yHealth and Beauty Aids.', er Aspirin ,'o,";, '' 47 ! 5g|owoy 1#4x. C } Mouthwash ,v.,,.,,., .:47  ( ' 5efewo 6 4. C ( Toothpaste ,v.,.,,.. ,,: 47  ( Head andShoulders !'I: 47 ) I, l" -- Selewy IlL _ ) v,Tam,n  ..,,. .,,0 4/  I- petroleum 14z. A "7c I_ vas__ __ e,,ne_ ,.,,. __ ,.. ( Frozen Food Buys/ Graham Crackers Busy Baker 1-1b. 29 c 2-1b. Pk.q. 57' Pkg. Dairy - Delicatessen/ Orange" " '"h*'"' "0"'= Lucern Butter J U Ice ,.,. Florid. O.J. Can' U e Lucerne'' Assrled Fllf "CJIc 69 Ice ream ,,.vo,, o.1..7 or Shady Lane C Bel-air Spinach ,.,,.d'"'" 5 "-0',,, Sl0O Fresh Cubes lb. Safeway Bel-air Cut Corn ,.,.,w'" 5 ,o,.,, SlOO Sharp Cheddar w,,,.,,,..,. , 79 c hi-air 10-oz. Sl00 Safeway Peas and Carrots ,,0... 5 ,,,,. Mozzarella Cheese ,,.,.  89 c ,,.,. SlOO n - *.,.,- -,. ,Oc Bel-anr Hash Browns 6,, formosan .neese .,. . u7 |*14|, 14-oz. SlO0 . n II" Assorted I$.0z. *'lc Cooked Squash ,,0,., 5 ,,. Lucerne ruaaungs ,,.-,, c,.. ,... Bakery Specials/ Lucerne Two-Ten Milk .,:/'"'"c Skylark Plqls: Hell Ai C Lucerne Skim M,Ik ,., Hot Dog Buns Freshlygaked 3 ,O SlO0 " " "" .'.'' Nalley s Horseradnsh z., ,., ,, Orange Crunch Rolls w;:'$: 39 c , ,,., -,. o personal property Forms for listing the boats, will be required personal property and to file a listing of their boats have been printed property with him on and will be mailed to all or before March 31, taxpayers previously 1968. reporting taxable per- This requirement is s serial property in the result of amendments county on or before made to the property January 1 by the As- tax statutes by the sessor s office. A 1967 Legislature. second notice will be "In the past," said mailed on or before Mr. Barlow, "the As- March 15 but this will sessor was required tc only be done in 1968 call on each owner ot and 1969 to aid tax- taxable personal prop- payers in becoming ac- erty to obtain a state- customed to the new ment of the type and requirements. value of such property I Jog Up An Appetite For A PANCAKE BREAKFAST Monroe Jaycee Fair Mates I Sate, Jan. 20 I 7 a..m. to 11 a.m.'l I Moson'=Le'Lisreet  l Adults $1.00 Chnldron 75