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January 11, 1968     Monroe Historical Society
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January 11, 1968

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00on,00r. 00on,o. Former Resident IP U BLISHED EVERY THURSDAY Entered as Second Class Matter at the Post Offlce at Monroe, Washington, under the Act of Maroh Passes 3, 1879. ml SUBS C iilP T ION RAT E S Funeral services for Monroe, Skykotsh and Snoqualmte Valleys, per Ella M. Mathey, 86, ,year $4.00. Outside Monroe, Skykomish and: former Monroe resld- Snoqualmle Valleys $4.50. Official Newspaper ent, who died January of the City of Monroe, and wn of Skykomtsh. 6 in an Issaquah nur- Address all mail to Post ice Box No. 398, sing home, were held Monroe, Washington 98272 here Tuesday. ' Born November 25, Howard and Mary Alice Voland...Publishers 1881 in Sweden, she iAlthea Hendrickson ..... Advertising Manager came to the Monroe Barbara Rogers Minor ..... News Editor area about 70 years ago. Survivors are her e three sons, Norris A. T S W Mathey of Coolidge, aint o, egg... Arizona, Theodore J. Mathey of Newhalem, (We are indebted to Snohomish County Oregon and Clarence Assessor C. L. Barlow, a recognized and E. of Yukatat, Alaska; two daughters, Mrs. highly respected tax authority, for his Alice E. Eros of Seat- cooperation in supplying much of the in- tle and Mrs. Robert formation that appears below.) (Vtvian) Haase of Mercer Island; eight Contrary to what Monroe's profession- grandchildren and 10 al planner, Talbot Wegg, said last Mon- great-grandchildren. day, we have good reason to believe mo- The Rev. Richard Ar- nold officiated at ser- bile home owners are not paying the vices in the chapel of equivalent of conventional home owners Purdy & Kerr Funeral in taxes. Home with burial fol- lowing in the Odd Fel- The truth of the matter is, mobile home lows Cemetery. THE CHANCE TO BE HEARD was offer- ed everyone in the community attending a joint meeting of the Monroe City Coun- cil and Planning Commission last week dwellers are escaping much of the tax- ' bles City ation burden borne by property owners Annex Dou and conventional home owners because of the tax setup. (Continued from Page 1) Under existing state statute, mobile Lloyd Hansey's property. Hansey, home owners are charged an annual ex- one of the owners along with Law- cise tax of one and one half per cent of ler 400 acres; pan Alaska Fish- the fair and true value of their dwelling, cries 3 acres, and Mr. and Mrs. Alex Wiese 60 acres, had earlier On a $10,000 mobile home this would requested part of the land be classed amount to $150. If this same home were as multiple residence. On the amendment, planners Mar- on the county property tax rolls it would garet Bakke, Davisson and Dave Kelln voted in favoe and Louis Van Natta against. Van Natta again cast the lone negative vote on the proposal itself saying he was "against it all the way." Van Natta has been a consistant supporter for industrial use of all the Lawler land. Prime opponent to that amount of industrialization has been Wegg. He was not present at last week's meet- have an assessed evaluation of $2,500 and last year would have paid a property tax of $263.50 in Monroe. Of the $150 excise tax, 50 per cent, or $75, is returned to the school district in which the home is located. On the other hand, if the mobile home were treat- ed as a conventional home and assessed District #417 in Both- he would be ell will begin their to hear from adult education winter wishing more tnformat- friends and acquatntan- session on January 29, ion on this program may cos. Maxim said. Those call the high school. Ironically enough before the city annexed 494 acres to the west, nearly doubling the size of the city. (See elsewhere for details.)--Monitor Photo industry to carry part of the tax burden we'd better get some in- dustry in here." Other comments registered in- cluded: Lloyd Repman, Snohomish County Economic Development Council manager, again indicating support to the Lawler industrtalization plan; Monroe Resident Passes Planners Agree (Continued from Page 1) pletely block the park from view if it is so desired and I'm sure everyone will get out of their property what they put into it." Ann Francis, planning commission secretary, Memorial services said that as city clerk she had received request were heldMondayafter- after request for mobile home development. noon for Fenno K. Swan "Where are they going to go?" she asked, 88, long time Monroe "Somebody's going to have to give on this." resident, who died Also questioned was the current tax picture Jack Burgess, Monroe Chamber January 5 in Valley on mobile homes as related to schools and of Commerce president, apparent- General Hospital fol- Wegg replied that both the property owner, ly lending support to the industrial- lowing an extended ill- through taxes, and the mobile home owner through izatton, pointing out the "substant- ness. licensing, would make up taxes equivalent to tal tax base" increase in the offing; Mr. Swan was born other homes in the same size category. He Mrs. Fran Johnson, CiroleDrive, May 20, 1897, in India- added that the new Monroe Building Code re- lauding Mrs. Lowber's comments na and moved to Mon- qutrements would necessitate development of and asserting it would be 20 years roe in 1910. He was mobile home sites esthetically acceptable to before the land in question could employed by the Mil- the community. be developed industrially and ask- waukee Railroad and With planners making a formal recommend- ing that the request not be granted also engaged in the fuel atlon to the city for adoption of revised com- by the county assessor, the school dist- tng. ...... The audience, too large for the Lawler unless he demonstrates ab- and transfer business prehensive land use plan No. 3, Wegg said the rict here last year would have received council chambers,,. moved to the,. Ulty, to, proceed; until 1945 when, i hel 'iclty c0uld!yab!y accept the plan, this week, $18,75. ' adjacent Ezergreen Dtstrlcf Court Harold Johnson, West Main Street, went into the insurance set a hearing*date as early as January 24 and chambers, where many expressed It should be noted that mobile homes their opinions before action was depreciate extremely rapidly, therefore taken. paying a smaller and smaller excise tax; Applauded for her remarks was Mrs. Leslie Lowber of Route 2 who whereas, ff the mobile home were on the expressed concern that what happen- county property tax rolls, the depreciat- ed with the Schuler property- re- ion figure would not take effect until a zone, increased value and resale- could happen with the Lawler prop- re-assessment is made, and these only erty without some control. occur in a four or five year cycle. Said Mrs. Lowber to the council and commission: The remainder of the excise tax mon- "Be sure to feel the pulse of ies, other than the 50 per cent received the town. Don't serve a few, but by the school district, goes into state serve us all. There are 4,000 of us - 2,000 here in town and 2,000 coffers and none is returned for mun- in the outlying area. My children icipal or county government operations, are in school here, I shop here and The property owner of a mobile home go to a doctor and dentist here. I don't want to go anywhere else. park, of course, is assessed at the county "I love Monroe and hope you level, paying on land assessed valuation people do and will move slowly on and improvements thereon, this. I'll go with you either way, Our quarrel here is not with mobile but think slowly." At one point Mrs. Clarence Bunge home owners or park developers--mobile of Sumac Drive asked tf the property homes are here to stay and they must have she and her husband own in the Wagner district would be given the the space to do so. same consideration for industrial Of prime concern to us is that the tax be use as the Lawler property should equitable and not as it is today. This is a they decide to quit farming it and spring when Lawler first presented tzed at Valley General. put it into industry, a petitlon for annexatlon wlth the Accordlng to the Wash-On Order job for state government. Speaking in favor of industrial idea of developing an industrial ington State Patrol, expansion was Ernest Fox, Monroe park. Trooper George Wehnes Adult    Ae n superintendent of schools who ad- The city will also have to con- investigating, the Ma- A complete selection of PAINTING SEi'S, ra vised: sider whether to extend the Jan- lean car smashed head- from the finest and most complete outfit "We're going to get growth, either uary 17 termination on freeze of on with a dump truck you can buy, to the lowest price Quality (Continued from Page 1) I%lkl e -la bedroom or industrial. If we don't rezones made last spring in order operated by JoeLarson, and the minimum class provide space for industry now, for planners to work out a corn- 29, Ollala, Washington set. size must be 10 stu- am when are we? If we want to go prehenstve plan and new zoning when one of the dents. Tuition costs r na r"res"en" through higher and higher millages laws with the aid of a profession- tcles swerved to avoid will decrease as class we can forget industry. But restd- al planning consultant. size increases above 10. ential communities cannot support Lawler said after the meeting striking a dog in the Senior citizens who are Earl Graden was elect- the schools required to keep up with that he would seek a rezone as soon road. eligible fr and hld a ed as president f the that type f grwth" If we want as pssible" for Ihe "Ji [] Monroe High School Wagner Community ,KOO.n--' "Gold Card" (Ladies- Club when members pitaliz i * * * age 62 and men-age 65 held an election of of- Tom Stitt Hos ed In Seattle , ' i, " Professional Artist [I and over) will be ad- ricers at their regular Tom Stltt, former Stltt son, Peter, age Persons wishing to o Wood Sh kes mttted free of charge meeting last week. Skykomish Valley res- nine, broke his arm write Stitt may do so  a to any class after it Other officers elected II has enrolled a minim- were G. S. Jelberg, vice ident and the son of while playing in school by addressing mail to Mrs. Rena Stitt, Smith at approximately the his current address ! o WaodShlngle s  Ho rhs inner um of 10 students. For president; Florence Street, is currently same time. He, too, of Seattle General Hos- J lnformatiOnrecetvtng relattVea "Gold to MargueriteCarlsn' secretarY;Graden, hospitalized as a result is recovering nicely at pttal, 5th and Marion, l Asphalt Shlngles-j asked to call the high en, Howard Wagner, Ira ctdent, mond. l i From Stltt, an assistant sec- H - " II school at 794-8777. Johnson and George tion foreman for the p- l O .... . ..... Some of the adult Armstrong, trustees. Great Northern Rail- kJWhaJltll/ |nNa !I Free Estimates i, Oil r,l, , courses offered qualify The club began plans O v,v Colors for adult credit toward for the year's social road Company, on De- ,IFIIIlli'lqll I llilllq . rs . Water comber 12 suffered " : !T " 1: rylic Polym Iors "11 completion of a Mon- activities, fractures of both ank- r l erms Avamlableli Ac er Co  roe High School or a The next business les andispe:atelY_ NEW HOMES W.h,n00 meo.n. .e,d oover,n.,o 0 " In High School diploma. February 7 at Wagner - " " I oral Hospital where . " " The Northshore School Community Hall. delighted Wayne Groden, Bu,lde i 'H.Parkerx 49 S'liqn "J!" :MONROE MONITORI II !0 ,o 1 8868 rfrmer  St. tnme - ;4-FI :: 794 - . ' m,'  -Imb 9, qll qmm ,mm,, qmll i asking that Councilmen and plan- business, move onto adoption of a zoning map and ordin- ners take a look at the speculative He was a member of ance by the end of March. aspect of the Lawler proposition; the Monroe Kiwanis Rue Miller, representing the Club, Monroe Congre- Ch h PI Great Northern Railroad Company, gational Church and urc es an again supporting the Lawler pro- Cascade Aerie No. 27, posal; FOE. (Continued from Page 1) Former mayor Irvin Faussetten- Survivors are his Unity", a joint effort of the National Council dorsing the comments of the Great wife, Eva Swan; son, of Churches and the Paultced Fathers of the Northern representative; John Swan of Spokane; Roman Catholic Church. And, V. G. Thomas, 15605 171st daughter, Mrs. Jane L. Pastor Arnold said both he and The Rev. Ave. S. E., again, as he did in a Oglesby of Houston, Joseph Petosa, St. Mary's pastor, will speak December 21 Monitor letter to the Texas; two sisters, at the service with the sermon subjects to be editor, opposing Lawler's plan. Mrs. F. C. Gibson of determined this week. After the council listenedto spec- Bainbridge Island and tators, dtscussed the question among Mrs. C. B. Smith of j,, them,selves and heard the zoning Vancouver; four grand- GIover Promoted any NB of C proposal of the planning commts- children and one great sion, Mayor Law entertained a mo- grandchild. I. Norman Glover of Ballard branches before tion for annexation. The Rev. Richard Ar- Route 1 has been pro- assuming his present So movfngwasCouncilmanCeder- nold officiated at ser- moted to assistant cash- duties in the install- green with the motion receiving a vices held Monday in ier at the Renton office ment credit department 6-0 favorable vote and Council- the chapel of Purdy & of National Bank of at Renton. woman Dorris Btderbost abstain- Kerr with interment fol- Commerce, announced He is a graduate of ing. lowing in Monroe Maxwell Carlson, NB- Monroe High School, and A Planning Commisst0n meeting | -I of C president, attended Everett Junior was slated for Monday night Glover started withthe College. Glover and of this week to further con- bank in 1963 and work- his wife, RayLynn, have sider details of a comprehensive (Continued from Page 1) ed at the Northgate and three children. land use plan, in the mill since last Both were hospital-